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Kids Travel Too, Issue #005
December 08, 2009


Summer is almost here (for the Aussies who are reading this) and we have suddenly been overwhelmed with the heat.

So what is the best way to entertain your children during this hot period?

There are two options really. If you can't cope with the heat, you can revisit those 'rainy day' activities, but now they are 'under the air-con' activities. This is a great way to entertain the kids especially during the peak heat of the day.

Otherwise if you're willing to get out amongst it a visit to a swimming pool or beach is a great way to enjoy the moment. Even better a beach holiday is certain to create fond memories of those great summer days.

A Holiday Destination

This edition we’ve decided to share our most recent family adventure with you. We went to Fiji.

This was by far our best family holiday to date. With a 3 year old, a 2 year old and me, 20 weeks pregnant the destination needed to involve relaxation and fun all in one, and boy did we get that.

Now the thing with Fiji anyone you speak to who has been there, has either been there more than once or is aching to get back soon. It is definitely a perfect family holiday destination.

With ample resorts and islands to choose from we went with the Shangri La Resort. This is a resort that is 1 hours drive from the airport. It has 3 pools, a beautiful safe beach, and loads of activities including a kids club for children from 2 years, great restaurants and bars.

Plus kids (under 12) eat and stay free.

For those that need to be kept busy the resort offer additional activities including fishing trips, tours to local villages and schools and a number of pamper packages at their day spa. All this is an additional cost, however you’ll find that regardless of what you do, you’re holiday will not blow the budget.

I’m sure if you ask any member of our family would they recommend Fiji, the answer would be yes, the location is beautiful, the people extremely friendly, and the whole experience one you’ll want to relive time and time again.

Family Friendly Travel Products

So what did we take to amuse our children when on holidays? Firstly we created a travel pack; we simply used an adult size back pack with 3 separate compartments and filled it with goodies.

In the biggest compartment we packed a Crayola Colour Wonder pack for each of the kids on the way over. The beauty of these is the texta’s only work on the colouring book provided. So you don’t have to worry about them drawing all over the plane or themselves for that matter!

On the way back we had a colouring book and activity pad for them with crayons, however their Crayola Colour Wonder pack was still going strong too.

We also packed their Leapfrog Leapsters, they have one each and share their games for hours of enjoyment.

In the middle compartment we packed nappies, wipes, nappy bags, and snacks. Basically all the things our nappy bags or handbags need to carry on a regular basis.

In the smaller front compartment we packed our travel documents, including our passports.

Finally, separate to our backpack of goodies / necessities, we took our portable DVD player. Whilst the airline offered in-flight entertainment, nothing beats their favourite movies. By now you’re probably thinking, ‘oh my goodness so much stuff and I guess on one hand it was, but then on the other hand one adult carried the backpack, the DVD player was stored in the bottom of the stroller, so the other adult was free to much as one does with preschoolers in toe!

Printables and Activities

Let’s talk about our new ‘Family Travel Mascot’. Meet Edward and Elly, the perfect kids travel buddies.

Edward and Elly are handmade with love especially for kids to take on holidays with them. You can purchase your very own elephant through our Online Store So what can you do with your travel buddy?

We recommend purchasing your very own elephant and taking it with you on holidays. Make sure you get some photos of your elephant on holidays. You decide whether you want to take photos of them on their own or with your children.

When you return from holidays email us, with your photos and a short description of your holiday, then we can upload them onto our website.

Check out out Elly and Edward’s World Wide Adventures now.

Of course their first stop was Fiji. But we can’t wait to see where the kids of the world choose to take them next.

This is a fun interactive activity that starts with the planning and finishes with the reflection of how much fun you’ve had. Such a great way to get your kids involved.

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