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Kids Travel Too, Issue #007
June 20, 2010


Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy nature, so whether you’re celebrating the start of summer or counting down the months to the sunshine graces your door we thought we’d remind you what’s great about summer.

Our family favorite is the beach we have a little beach tent to protect us from the sun and then we pack our cooler bag with food and drinks and our basket with toys. We use a basket for the toys so that any loose sand can fall away, rather than collecting in a bag.

Our kids love to make sand castles, kick the soccer ball and of course swim. Our daughter who is very crafty loves to collect shells to take home and use in activities at a later date.

A Holiday Destination

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale in the US offers a great deal of activities for kids, and therefore is a popular destination for families in summer.

With miles and miles of gorgeous beach front you will be able to enjoy quality time at the beach without feeling over crowded. There are great tourist activities for kids including the Museum of Discovery and Science and Butterfly World. Visit Family Travel Made Easy for more information on Fort Lauderdale and what it has to offer your family.

Family Friendly Travel Products

Travel Stroller

If you have young children, you can’t live without a pram, so begs the question what to do when you’re going on a flying holiday.

We’d spent a great deal of money on our pram and I was hesitant to throw it on the plane in case it got damaged.

The second thing we needed to consider was the fact that we had to accommodate the weight of our pram or stroller in the weight of our luggage, so if our pram was heavy it would reduce the amount of luggage we would be able to carry.

Visit our Travel Stroller Review to determine what things you need to consider when purchasing a stroller for your next vacation.

Kids Corner

Are you going on vacation soon, why not purchase a travel buddy for your child.

Edward Elephant and Elly Elephant love to go on adventure with their travelling friends. Then when your vacation is over share your experience with us, post a photo and we will create your very own page on our website. We’d love to see where Edward and Elly have been with you.

Check out some of their previous adventures. And to help make the travel to your destination fun why not print of some of our coloring pages and activities too.

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