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Kids Travel Too, Issue #001
March 20, 2009


Welcome to our first addition of ‘Kids Travel Too’. Our ezine will be delivered every six weeks to your in-box. Our aim for our ezine is to provide an extension to our website, with information on new travel products, family friendly travel destinations, ‘Special Edition’ printables and in general ‘all things kids and travel’.

Family Friendly Travel Products

Do your children suffer from motion sickness when travelling by car? The YakPack is the perfect solution. When messes happen, reach for a YakPack. Place a YakPack in your vehicle, home or office and be prepared to deal with sickness efficiently! It contains:

# A motion sickness bag and absorbent lap pad to protect surfaces

# Vomit absorbent/odour neutralizer, scoop and scraper for rapid removal

# Antimicrobial wipes, dry cloth & non-latex gloves for clean-up

# Biohazard bag for removal and disposal

# Clear zipper bag for convenient storage

A Holiday Destination

Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill is a great destination for a family outing. You can make a whole day of it, or go to an evening show, or even stay at the lodge.

Either way there is something here for kids of all ages.

“My memories as a child were visiting Sovereign Hill and my mum trying really hard to get my brothers to stop panning for gold in the creek. They were certain they were going to strike it rich” – Mandy

They have done a fantastic job of taking you back to the gold rush era. They have working horses and regular displays of their skill.

There are always actors dressed in character entertaining you on the street, and if you are really enthusiastic you can even dress up yourself and have your own ‘olden day’ photo taken.

Check out the Sovereign Hill Website for more information about, entry fees, how to get there and advice on what to do

They even have a website dedicated to their education programs, which realistically are dedicated to school’s planning an excursion or camp. But you never know you might find something beneficial for your kids.

It’s great when we can incorporate a holiday or outing with something educational too. Check out the Education Site

Easter Printable and Activities

A lot of families will head away at Easter time to be with extended family members. And whilst the kids main focus at Easter time will be chocolate, why not keep them entertained with some Easter Activities.

You don't have to pack a lot to keep them entertained, a little kids briefcase or library bag will do nicely.

Easter Egg Mosaic

All you need for this activity is some plain A4 pieces of card, glue, scissors, pencils or texta's to decorate.

On the plain paper draw a big oval shape to represent an Easter egg. Then press flat your left over Easter egg wrappers, and cut them into squares.

Glue the square pieces of wrapper on the Easter egg making a mosaic.

Easter Bunny Colouring Page

As per the rest of our printable colouring pages, simply print off the picture of the bunny rabbit for your kids to colour in.

Why not get excited and give them some cotton balls to glue on as the bunny's tail. Or some glitter glue just to spice it up a little.

Let them use their imagination, the sky's the limit.

Easter Bunny Ears

For this one all you need is some plain A4 pieces of card, glue, scissors, pencils or texta's to decorate.

As well as some cotton balls and a stapler / sticky tape.

Use one piece of card to make strips which can be sticky taped together to create a headband. Measure around the childs head and then trim to fit. But remain flat at this stage.

Using a second piece of card, cut out two rabbits ears. Decorate these ears as per your desire (for example: glue cotton balls to make fluffy ears), leaving about a half inch at the bottom plain, allowing you to attach the ears to the headband with ease.

Once the ears are attached to the headband attach both ends of the headband.

And then suddenly you have your very own Easter bunny in the family!

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