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Kids Travel Too, Issue #002
May 01, 2009


Welcome to our second edition of ‘Kids Travel Too’ – A Family Friendly Ezine.

Christmas has long gone and Easter has just passed, and now our thoughts move to ‘How will we keep ourselves amused over the coming months'.

For those in America and across Europe, summer holiday planning will be in full swing, and for those in places like Australia, we will be trying to find a way to entertain the family through the winter.

Regardless of where you are situated please continue to come and visit us at Family Travel Made Easy, as we continue to build on our website, ensuring we have all the latest information you require.

And don’t forget, if you have a great travel product you want to tell us about, or you want to share an experience with us, jump onto our website and post your thoughts in our travel forums. We love to hear all about your fabulous family travelling experiences.

Family Friendly Travel Products

Trunki - Kids Luggage

Trunki is the latest hip product in kid’s luggage! Trunki lets kids pack, carry and ride their suitcases, creating a practical and fun item.

Trunki has an 18lt capacity, and is light in weight itself. It has also been approved for hand luggage. Recommended you don’t exceed 50kg. But let’s be honest. It would be mighty difficult to come close to this weight.

Trunki also has a handy shoulder strap, perfect for when those little legs get tired.

There is a whole range available to choose from ensuring each member of your family have their very own Trunki, ensuring no mix ups.

The range includes: Trixie - Pink, Terrence - Blue, Towgo – Green, Limited Edition - Frieda Cow

Trunki is available worldwide from all good luggage stores.

A Holiday Destination

Ski - New Zealand

What to do when winter is here? How about consider a family skiing holiday.

New Zealand is famous for its winter slopes. There are a number of different destinations to visit, but ‘The Remarkables’ is highly regarded as New Zealand’s ‘family friendly’ mountain.

It is located on the south eastern shore of Lake Wakatipu, near Queenstown.

The mountain opens on the 20th June 2009. With its family friendly focus, ‘The Remarkables’ offers great entertainment for the kids, and great value for the parents.

There is a new tubing park for loads of family fun, as well as the introduction of children-specific programmes. There is ‘The Kea Club’ (ages 6-12 years) and ‘Shredders’ (ages 13-17 years). These clubs include full day supervision, lunch, lift passes, lessons and rentals.

For more information about ‘The Remarkables’ visit the Ski New Zealand Website And don’t forget to check out our new Snow Zone with loads of ideas on how to make the most of your holiday to the snow, and how to keep safe.

Printables and Activities

With Mothers Day coming up, check out our free printables page. Why not print out one of our great Mother’s Day Frames.

All you need to do is print out the frame, cut out the insert in the middle and allow your kids to decorate to their hearts content.

If you own a laminator, they are great laminated and stuck on the fridge. What more could mum want than a personalised photo frame, with a picture of her loved ones!

Pasta Necklaces

Put some raw pasta tubes in a couple of separate bags. In each bag place a couple of drops of food dye, (use different colours for each bag). Shake the bags around until the pasta has been completely dyed.

Allow to dry.

Use either a piece of shoe elastic or wool and tie a knot at the end. Start threading the pasta onto the thread until you have enough pasta to make a completed necklace.

At this stage, simply tie the two ends together and there you have it, a beautiful necklace for mum for Mother’s Day.

Travel Tip: If you are wanting to do this activity whilst away, simply dye pasta in advance and package in a clip lock bag once dried.

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