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Kids Travel Too, Issue #003
June 12, 2009


It’s the middle of the year, so are all parents already starting to think, ‘What will we get the kids for Christmas this year’ or is the thought of this enough to make you run and hide!

Why not consider what great products the kids could use on your next family holiday.

Are you heading to the beach in the summer? Or could you family really do with the distraction of a portable DVD player in the car for that eight hour trip to the relatives over the school holidays.

Either way giving your kids a great travel product will reap rewards for time to come.

Family Friendly Travel Products

LG Portable DVD Player

A portable DVD Player is a great way to break the boredom for families when faced with a long journey. The LG players come with a great case which doubles as the rack that attaches to the back of the headrest.

I personally prefer this type of DVD player which folds open, as opposed to the DVD players that have separate pieces for the screen and the base. It folds open so you can also use it in a motel room or even take it with you when you go to a restaurant for dinner. It will sit easily like an open book.

If you find the LG is a little out of your price range, beware of cheaper brands. Review what you are getting for the price. For our family an important aspect was the playing time. The LG players, have up to a 3 hour battery life, however some of the cheaper models do not. We wanted to ensure that the kids could watch a whole movie before the battery went flat. However if we are in the car on a long trip, the battery charger is a life saver.

Here are the technical specifications:

7" WQVGA Screen
DVD-/+R/RW/CD-R/RW, MP3,DivX, Playback
Up to 3hr in-built Lithium Battery
Car Charger Adaptor (12V) Included
Protective Carry Bag
Built-in Stereo Speakers

A Holiday Destination

Queensland’s - Theme Parks

There is so much for families of all ages along Queensland’s Gold Coast. Any family heading to the Gold Coast can’t have a holiday without visiting one of the many theme parks.

The theme parks precedent consists of:

•Dream World
•Wet and Wild
•Sea World
•Movie World
•White Water World

For the frugal mum and dad, you can pick up multi-day passes which are cheaper than buying passes for each visit.

It is usually cheaper too if you purchase your tickets in advance. This can be done through RACV, tourism vendors, or your resort.

If you are staying at a resort on the Gold Coast, you can choose to drive yourself to the theme parks or arrange to be picked up by one of the many bus companies that charter directly to the parks.

However keep in mind if you go on the bus you will have time restrictions you need to meet, and you don’t want to miss the bus.

The parks are out of town off the free way and other transportation is hard to come by at short notice and will be expensive.

Visiting the theme parks is loads of fun and will create memories for the whole family for years to come. Young ones will get excited by the opportunity to meet their favourite characters, e.g. Big Bird, Dora the Explorer, Dorothy the Dinosaur etc. For bigger kids the thrill of the rides is always a winner.

Finally, if you are spending a week or more at the Gold Coast, go and enjoy the theme parks, but save your last day of your holiday to spend on the beach.

Despite the fun your family will have, a day at the theme parks can be exhausting, and that is not a great way to feel at the end of your relaxing beach holiday.

Printables and Activities

Have you checked out our kids printable activities lately? We are constantly being creative, and expanding our collection to keep your kids entertained.

Is there a colouring page your kids love or would love to see more of. Tell us about it we want to cater to your needs.

If you are travelling to a specific destination and planning on spending some quality time there, pack a small box of crafts to keep the kids entertained. Great for winter escapes.

For Girls - Jewellery Box

[½ Dozen Egg Carton / Paints / Stickers / Ribbons and Other decorating pieces to your liking]

[Glue / Stapler / Scissors / Single hole punch - if required]

Using your decorative items, paint and decorate your egg carton.

A great suggestion to keep it closed is to use the hole punch and put a hole in the top half and in the bottom half that align. Put a ribbon through the holes and tie in a bow to close your new jewellery box.

For Boys – Cardboard Cars

[small boxes e.g. biscuit, teabag / lids off plastic bottles, e.g. juice, soft drink, milk / Paints / Stickers / Ribbons and Other decorating pieces t your liking]

[Glue / Stapler / Scissors - if required]

Using your decorative items, paint and decorate your small boxes to resemble vehicles, e.g. cars, buses, trucks etc. Use the bottle lids to make wheels.

Allow to dry and you will have some home made cars, which with a bit of imagination will keep the boys entertained for hours.

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