Welcome to our mid-year edition.

Car travel with Kids seems to be a popular topic for discussion. Especially when it comes to keeping them entertained.

There are so many wonderful products on the market these days to keep them entertained, however you still can’t go past the old fashion freebies.

Visit our Car Games for Kids page for loads of great idea’s to keep the kids entertained on a long car trip as well as ensure some fun family time is had by all.

And if you have a family favourite that you like to play in the car, tell us about it at our Travel Forums We love to hear from you.

Family Friendly Travel Products

The Nintendo DS & DS Lite

Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite are a great option for all kids when travelling.

And with the recent advertising by Olivia Newton-John, some might say it’s a great option for the whole family. Regardless of age, everyone can have some fun with a Nintendo DS.

Why are they a great travel product?

Well firstly because they are portable. They fit easily into a kids backpack for day trips or weekend getaways.

They provide hours of entertainment, with loads of different games on the market.

If budget is an issue, most video rental stores will hire games. Otherwise you can purchase games from stores that offer a trade in on used games. This is a great option for when your kids have mastered a game.

If you are concerned about your kids playing ‘video games’, consider all the educational options. There are brain training games, crossword games, mathematic games, and a lot of the other games really do get your kids problem solving skills working.

When on holiday you could even look at purchasing a Nintendo DS Journal, which is a program that allows them to have an electronic journal. This would be perfect for them to record all their personal memories.

A Holiday Destination


Let’s face it Disneyland is the ultimate kids holiday destination. Every kid grows up with the dream of visiting the world’s most popular theme park.

If this is an adventure you’re considering, here are some of the key attractions you can look forward to –

• Meet and greet with Popular Disney Characters

• Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams

• “Remember ... Dreams come true” Fireworks Spectacular
(Note: This is seasonal)

• Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage – Undersea Adventure

Whilst there is loads of fun for younger kids there is also something for the thrill seekers too.

For more information visit the Disneyland Website with loads of ideas on how to make the most of your holiday to the snow, and how to keep safe.

Printables and Activities

Check out our Printable Colouring Page it’s had a bit of an overhaul lately, and there are still loads more printables to come.

Do your kids like farm animals? Or do they prefer sea creatures?

Why not introduce them to our colouring page and let them select. This is part of the novelty in our household. Choices, Choices, Choices......

Crafts on a Budget

We are all on a budget with the economic downturn that is happening across the globe, so a great way to entertain the kids without spending loads of money is by creating home-made cards.

Not only are they spending quality time with you, they are being creative, and if you give the home made cards to loved one’s for their birthday’s you are saving money too.

Plus most grandparents, aunties and uncles would much prefer a card made with love than something purchased from the store.

Firstly, have a small stash of card stock on hand, to use for cards.

Secondly provide your kids with pencils, textas, glitter, glue etc to decorate.

HOT TIP: After each Christmas and Birthday I sit down and cut images out of the cards we have received, fairies, animals, clowns, balloons etc, anything that would be great to be reused. The same goes for kids magazines, or even catalogues.

My kids love shuffling through our box of images to decide what collection they want to add to their home-made card.

Believe me there is hours of fun in this activity and a lot of pride when the kids get to give the card to their loved ones.


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