Welcome to our first addition of ‘Kids Travel Too’. Our ezine will be delivered every eight weeks to your in-box. Our aim for our ezine is to provide an extension to our website, with information on new travel products, family friendly travel destinations, ‘Special Edition’ printables and in general ‘all things kids and travel’.

Family Friendly Travel Products

Do your children suffer from motion sickness when travelling by car? The YakPack is the perfect solution. When messes happen, reach for a YakPack. Place a YakPack in your vehicle, home or office and be prepared to deal with sickness efficiently! It contains:

# A motion sickness bag and absorbent lap pad to protect surfaces

# Vomit absorbent/odour neutralizer, scoop and scraper for rapid removal

# Antimicrobial wipes, dry cloth & non-latex gloves for clean-up

# Biohazard bag for removal and disposal

# Clear zipper bag for convenient storage


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Kids Travel Buddies

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