Air Travel Tips
For the Whole Family

These air travel tips are relevant to everyone, regardless of whether you are flying with a baby, older kids or just on your own.

And if you have tips we don't cover, we hope you'll share them with us so we can share them with others!

Air Travel Tips
#1 Wear Comfortable Clothes

It's best to be comfortable especially on long flights.

Especially if family members are going to be trying to have a sleep, you might as well be comfy.

Tracksuits or similar items are probably best.

Layer Up, no doubt the temperature at your destination is going to be different to the temperature you left in.

This may be due to the destination itself or simply the time you arrive.

And if you are concerned about what you are wearing when you reach your destination, that's ok, just pack a change of clothes. However if you have to do this for the whole family it can add up to a lot of additional clothes to pack.

We recommend simply packing a fresh top. A friend once told us they had packed a change of clothes for their baby (as they expected they would get grubby from their meal). What they did not anticipate was that their baby would get sick and vomit on them! Unfortunately they had not packed a spare top. They always did after that!

By doing this you not only look great when you arrive at your destination, you will feel nice and refreshed too. (Of all our air travel tips, this one is my favorite.)

Air Travel Tip #2
Pack Healthy Snacks

Airlines are all different now when it comes to meals.

Some provide meals, some offer an opportunity to purchase snacks or meals and some offer nothing at all.

You'll generally find you'll get what you pay for.

If a meal is supplied try checking with the airline prior to your flight to see what the meal is and for the kids request a kid's meal if optional.

That way you have a better chance of them receiving something they will enjoy.

Regardless, it's important to pack your own snacks. Even if your airline provides meals and snacks, what happens if you're served something you don't like? When packing snacks, think about what time of day you'll be on the flight and pack accordingly.

Always pack more than what you think you'll need. Kids will always eat more on flights, sometimes just to pass the time more than anything else. But it's an easy way to keep them busy.

Plus if you pack more than you need you can accommodate for delays you may encounter along the way.

Finally on the snack front, for all those on a budget, if you are flying with an airline that doesn't supply meals, but does offer a shopping cart, it can get expensive. So by packing some snacks you can save yourself a load of cash.

In saying that healthy is best, it doesn't mean the snacks all have to be healthy (again you are on holidays or vacation). You can save a lot of money by buying multiple chip packets as opposed to buying a single packet of chips on the plane or a six pack of juice boxes for example.

When experiencing take off and landing for the first time (and there after), young infants will benefit from a dummy, or a bottle will help to move the jaw and relieve ear pain on takeoff and landing. However for those a little older or with older siblings a lollypop will sure do the job. If your child is crying, don't panic, crying will actually help relieve pressure in the ears, so this can be a good thing.

Air Travel Tip #3 Travel at
Times that are Compatible with the Kids

If you have a young child or baby you may want to consider traveling at times they are more likely to sleep, especially if you are on a long flight. Even if you have to pay a little more, it will be worth it for the peace and quiet.

And if you are unable to accommodate this, let them walk around the airport. Dispense of all their energy prior to the flight, encouraging them to rest during the flight.

Air Travel Tip #4
Consider Seating Arrangements

Consider where everyone will sit. If you are travelling with a baby, what facilities does the airline supply for them?

And when flying with kids you may want to consider booking one adult seat away from the rest of the family, allowing you and your partner to take turns in supervising the kids whilst the other sits elsewhere and has a well needed rest.

Try and always allocate the aisle seat to an adult, this way you can prevent the kids from running up and down the aisle. They will only be able to get out of your allocated row if you let them.

Air Travel Tip 5# Pack Entertainment

Does your airline provide headphones for the flight entertainment? If not don't forget to pack some for each member of the family.

And if you are concerned there is not going to be anything suitable for your kids on the entertainment bill, why not pack your own portable DVD player with a portable DVD carry case with their favorite movies enclosed.

A portable DVD player will not only be useful on the flight but also if you are facing delays.

Often the airlines will have a ‘kids club' and provide some sort of entertainment for your kids too. Whilst it is usually only something small, you'll find they will be entertained for some time with these items as they are new and they have not seen them before.

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"If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why oh why can't I?" ~E.Y. Harburg