Apps for Road Trip Activities

By planning ahead with a few inexpensive apps for road trip activities, your kids will have a happy journey.

Taking a road trip is a great way to spend time together as a family and see some of the sights across the country people often miss by flying to their destination.

While some kids seem to love the thrill of heading down the road to destinations unknown, there are others who quickly become bored, especially when you are driving through uninteresting areas.

Of course some kids would spend every waking moment attached to a screen of some kind, so I am by no means suggesting that this be their only entertainment.

These are just ideas to let you know what options are out there. 

By all means, mix it up with some interactive play sprinkled with some tech time here and there.

Our Favorite Apps for Road Trip Activities

One of the ways you can keep your kids occupied on the road is with the use of apps for your mobile devices.


DirecTV subscribers don't have to leave their service behind when they head out on the road.

The DirecTV app can be loaded onto just about any mobile device. To gain full access to this app you will first need to be a DirecTV subscriber.

Sign up using which offers special deals to first time accounts and select channel packages. Your kids can watch all the shows they would normally watch at home while traveling in your car as well. Forget to record something your kids wanted to watch but wouldn't be home to do so, the DirecTV app can even allow you to set your DVR remotely. This means your kids don't have to give up their TV for the entire trip.

Subway Shuffle Lite

If your kids love to play puzzle games, they will enjoy playing the Subway Shuffle Lite. In this game, kids need to work to move the obstacles that are in the way of the path of the train. As they move the obstacles, the train will be able to move forward. Even though it is a fairly simple game for adults, it is a great way to get your child's brain working while he is playing a game. This is a useful asset in any game.


Who doesn't love the bright, fun balloon animals clowns often create at carnivals and children's birthday parties? If your child is a big fan of these creations, the Balloonimals app can be a great way to keep them occupied. By blowing into the microphone on the mobile device, the balloon animals will inflate. Kids can then tap on different parts of the animal to watch it move in fun ways.

This is one of our favorite apps for road trips!

Cylon Detector

While not all kids know a Cylon is a character in Battlestar Galactica, everyone can have fun with the Cylon Detector app. With this app, kids get to take pictures of each other, themselves and other people. The app will put them into appropriate attire to match them and then indicate if the person is a Cylon. You never know who just might turn out to be a Cylon.

Tappy Tunes

Many people love to enjoy a little music in the car. However, with most musical apps, your kids could create some real gut-wrenching tunes if left to their own devices. You don't have to worry about this with Tappy Tunes. This app allows your child to play a real song, no matter which keys they press. Kids control the speed of the song, but not the exact notes, making it much easier on a parent's ears.

Mobile devices have made road trips much more pleasant for kids and parents alike.

When you download one or several of these apps, you will provide your child with hours of fun and keep them happy throughout the road trip.

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