Baby Bjorn Carrier

A great product for 'Travel with Baby'

June 2010

I was given the opportunity recently to trial the new Baby Bjorn Carrier. With the recent arrival of our third baby it was very timely.

I'd tried other 'slings' with baby no. 1 & 2 however, not having the best posture, often felt tired and sore afterwards.

But with the Baby Bjorn Carrier I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.

Baby Bjorn Carrier

The carrier was the Baby Bjorn 'Active' Carrier, which has an additional lumber support, which for me was the added feature I needed.

Finally I had a baby carrier I wasn't afraid to carry my baby in! The additional support is evident as soon as you put your arms through the straps.

Once I connected the front attachment, I tightened the waist and shoulder straps and put my little man in.

With the added lumber support on the lower back I actually felt like it forced me to straighten my back, which can only be a good thing.

Prior to getting my carrier I'd only had my pram to get out and about with my baby. This does pose some difficulties.

I'd had trouble when he was unsettled, wanting to be cuddled. Since I've had the baby carrier he has been a lot happier in our travels, in most cases blissfully sleeping.

Baby bjorn active

I honestly believe he is happy knowing I am right there, and I have to admit I did feel very much in love having him so close and cozy with me!

There was another benefit, for me personally with baby no. 3, by having him in the baby carrier I was able to use my double pram for my two other children, who are 2 & 4 years old.

Prior to this I'd be faced with a scramble between the older two as to who got to sit in the double pram. The one who picked the short straw got to sit on the foot rest, which always caused a bit of chaos.

I am so grateful to have a Baby Bjorn Carrier. This already has made my life so much easier when trying to get out and about, for short errands, day trips and on vacation.

Check out more information about the technical / specifications of the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier.

Vacation Tip - The Baby Bjorn Carrier is ideal when flying.

Pitfalls of Airports included: queues, luggage limitations and long wait times, the baby carrier will help reduce the pressure associated with all these issues.

Finally I asked our friends on our facebook page what they thought of the Baby Bjorn Carrier and this is what they said:

Georgie: Excellent for infants when they need you and you need to do the vacuuming.

Jane: I love it that my husband gets to feel how heavy it is to carry a baby on HIS tummy!

Beth (an owner of a dance school): I can cut out costumes, sew them up, cook dinner, wash dishes, and have a nap and Celeste still thinks I'm holding her. Crazy kid!

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