Kinderkot - Baby Tent

There is a baby tent on the market called the Kinderkot. It's a bit like a cross between a tent and a swag for babies and is a substitute for the old fashioned port-a-cot.

We caught up with mother of two, Kerryn who road tested the Kinderkot after receiving one as a gift.

Kerryn's Baby Tent Evaluation

Q. So Kerryn what is the best feature about the Kinderkot?

A. The Kinderkot folds up really small and is really light that we took it on as 'carry on luggage'.

Also a great feature is that when you undo the strap, the tent just pops up so you don't have to assemble it. This is great when you need to put the baby to bed anywhere at anytime.

Q. And on the flip side does it have any pit falls?

A. The only thing is it took us ages to work out how to get it down, as you can't possibly work it out on your own, or just from reading the instructions.

We went to the website seeking further information and fortunately they had a guy doing a demo on there.

(Note: I've too watched this video and it is great. I can imagine many parents having one of those ‘aarrrhhh' moments after many attempts and a bit of frustration in disassembling this infant tent).

Q. Do you have any tips for parents considering buying the kinderkot?

A. I think a baby / child needs to grow up with the tent in order for them to sleep in it.

We got given this as a gift for our second child and whilst we also have a two year old we know we'd never be able to get her to sleep in it, she would just play, however we hope that as our baby grows she will know it's her travel bed.

Kindercot Tent for Infants

So overall the kinderkot gets the thumbs up (at this stage). It will be good to check back with Kerryn in a few years and see how her baby has grown with the baby tent.

Considering affordability they are pretty much on par with the cost of a port-a-cot and obviously their big selling feature is their ability to become compact for travel.

It appears that kinderkot have certainly taken into consideration comfort and safety too. With a self inflating mattress baby will be comfortable and I just love the pocket the mattress zips into ensuring baby can't actually roll off.

If you have any feedback regarding this product that you'd like to share with us too, please CONTACT US we'd love to share it with our visitors.

And thank you Kerryn for sharing your experience with the kinderkot too, it's always great to hear about travel products that real families are using.

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