Baby Travel Bed / Port-a-cot

What to look for in a baby travel bed!

When travelling with a baby you need to consider what baby travel bed you will use.

Often referred to as a port-a-cot, it is as it states a bed for your baby when you’re travelling.

There are so many different brands on the market, and most of them pretty much do the same thing, however some do offer loads of different accessories for additional use.

Some examples of the different accessories you might want to consider are:

# Clip on or elevated change table attachment

# Mesh mosquito nets

# Or if you’re seeking a little bit of luxury, Night lights and vibration options

From our experience simple is often better.

baby travel bed

We opted for a plain and simple bed that served only that purpose.

The reason for this was storage. We wanted something that was not going to take up too much room in the cupboard at home or the back of the car when travelling.

We also ensured that we got a bed that had mesh sides, ensuring there was plenty of air flow for the baby.

The down side was the base of the cot was very hard and as a result we ended up putting a thin piece of foam in there for additional comfort.

Be careful when doing this, as there are safety concerns with adding an additional mattress that might be too thick / wide.

At the end of the day, we couldn't travel without our port-a-cot, at an early age is helps ensure a safe sleeping environment for your baby regardless of where you are staying, and as they get older it's a great way to keep them contained at night when you need them to go to sleep!

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