Beach Sand Toys for Kids

Beach sand toys for kids are an essential item for any family thinking about spending the day at the beach.

These days, there are so many different beach toys to choose from. There's something for every kid, allowing plenty of creative play, from building sand castles, to hunting for buried treasure.

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Playing in the sand becomes much more fun with Sand Play Sets. Your little builder will spend hours constructing their seaside masterpiece using colourful sand tools. (No doubt those bigger builders will be occupied for hours too!)

There are a variety of traditional toys such as:

  • Buckets
  • Spades
  • Rakes
  • Moulds

There are also many sports toys available that are specifically made for the beach, from cricket sets, to soccer balls or Frisbees.

My family loves a good game of Bocce or croquet, or especially volleyball.

The most recent favorite is Corn Hole, where each team tries to out-score the other by throwing bean bags into the hole. The bags are actually full of corn, hence the name.

Sometimes the older kids like to go searching for treasure with a metal detector. They are usually rewarded with a few coins, but it keeps them occupied for a good long while.

And of course, don't forget all those water accessories, such as a swim ring, noodles and boogie boards. Take caution when choosing what to take to the beach, it is not like a pool, you don't want your kids to chase something into the deep waters, or to ride something that could be swept out to sea.

Finally, it's a great idea to designate one whole beach bag to your kid's beach toys. That way the kids can rifle through it as they please and you don't have to get stressed about sand getting into everything else.

Protect Them While They Play With
Beach Sand Toys

Other beach gear to think about for your family includes sun and swim shirts to protect from sunburn, sun hats, sunglasses, colorful beach towels or mats, and sand shoes.

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