My Big 4 Bellarine Peninsula Getaway

Recently I was invited to stay at the Big 4 Bellarine Peninsula. It was the ultimate 'Mum's Night Out'.

After arriving and checking in, we took part in a 'Great Race' which was really an opportunity for the team at the Big 4 to showcase all that they had to offer.

The place is gorgeous.

I am in love.

May 2012

Now it is no secret that I love a good Caravan Park and the Big 4 Chain here in Australia are pretty bloody good.

Highlights of Bellarine Peninsula

Big 4 Bellarine Peninsula

Despite the fact that I was there to have time out, I couldn't help but think of all the fun I'd be having with the kids the next time I'm here.

With two jumping pillows, a massive flying fox, an awesome colorful playground and a mini footy field there is plenty in the great outdoors to keep the kids occupied.

Not to mention the huge open spaces, perfect for riding their bikes or the Big 4's Go Carts.

They also have the best swimming pool. It's indoors, has a fun slide for kids and even has a little toddler water playground. I know I'd have trouble dragging my kids away from the swimming pool.  That surely translates to hours of fun and physical activity for them - just what you want on a family holiday!

But last weekend for me, it seriously was all about relaxation. Staying in a 3 bedroom cabin, I was treated to peace and quiet, and a comfy bed, which was exactly what I hoped for.

The place is quite new so all the facilities are state of the art including the two campers kitchens. You really don't have to travel too far to find anything.

Regardless of whether you're a die hard caravan park lover or just thinking of 'having a go' at park camping, this is definitely a great place to visit.

I am keen to get back with the children in tow, and when that time comes, I don't plan on going anywhere. I want to go there, just to the Big 4's Bellarine Caravan Park and soak up everything they have to offer.



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