Camping Food Ideas

Here we will help you with some great camping food ideas. As often when camping we tend to eat a lot of meat and salad, sausages in bread, hamburgers in rolls etc.

But as most of us are aware, when our kids aren't offered foods with a variety of nutritional content they become tired, upset or even aggravated, due to no fault of their own.

All of this can be avoided if you plan right.

In the days leading up to your camping trip prepare meals that can be heated in a camp fire or BBQ.

There are many simple camping food ideas and tricks in the preparation that will make your camping trip a healthy yet fun one.

Camping Food Ideas & Tips

Camping Food Ideas
  • Purchase the little disposable foil trays to hold the meals, making them easy to pack and minimizing dirty dishes.
  • If packing food that needs to stay cool, clip lock bags are the trick, they seal really well allowing you to not only prepare some foods, but also allows you to pack food without using loads of containers.
  • Pasta or noodles are another great food that can be cooked in advanced, put in a clip lock bag in individual or family size portions, and you can even freeze for meals that you’ll be having toward the end of the trip.
  • Always create a list to ensure you have everything you need before you go, and don't forget to test some items (such as gas cooking stoves) to ensure there is enough gas and they work, no need finding this out once you have arrived at your destination.
  • Create a menu for your trip, then you can refer to it throughout your getaway, ensuring you have all the ingredients you need. You don't have to stick to it 100%, but it will save you having to work out what you’ll have to eat each day whilst you could be relaxing.
  • If you drink, soft drink, cordial or milk at your place, save the empty containers leading up to your camping trip. They make great ice packs, which, again are disposable, plus if fresh drinking water is not available then you can use the water in these bottles as they defrost. It's great when you can get two practical uses out of one idea.
  • Always pack some of your favourite cereals, they are easy to store and all you need to do is add milk. Whilst it's great to take fresh milk, don't forget some long life milk to keep you going.
  • Don't forget to pack a good combination of utensils for cooking as well as some clothes to protect your hands from hot food that has just come out of the camp fire.
  • When cooking in a pot, always keep the lid on, this will help speed up the process.
  • Pack food for enjoyment as well as nutrition remember you are on a holiday, so do treat your family.
  • Always clean up around the camp site after each meal, the last thing you want it to attract ants or other bugs or worse still animals.

Camping Food Ideas - For the Pantry

Below are some recommendations at what you might like to consider putting in your camping pantry:

  • Good quality drinking water
  • Cooking Oil
  • Powdered Milk / Long life Milk
  • Numerous Jar food’s to add flavour to food such as minced garlic or simply as ingredients, such as tined tomatoes
  • Pasta (cooked or uncooked, your choice)
  • Numerous Tin food’s for quick meals (and some of your kids favourites, such as casseroles, spaghetti / baked beans, or even desserts such as rice cream)
  • Snack bars / Crisps / Popcorn

The key to feeding kids whilst camping is to keep it basic.

Basic Food / Meal Suggestions (for kids)

Below are some camping food tips when cooking for kids, just to ensure they are not only having a great time but eating well too.

Steamed Vegetables

Lightly steam vegetable and place in tray with a dash of garlic butter.

Then when camping place this in the fire or BBQ allowing the butter to melt over the vegetables as they heat up.

This is great on its own or as a side dish.


Traditional Lasagne can be made with grated vegetables such as carrot and zucchini or a Vegetable Lasagne, which ever you prefer.

Again simply prepare in advance and put individual serves in foil trays to ensure heating up of meal is completed in a timely manner.

Zucchini or Vegetable Slice

A Zucchini or Vegetable Slice is another great one, which is often eaten as a snack as well as a meal.

Make this in advance and wrap in cling wrap.

You can either put this on ice or refrigerate or if you don’t think you’ll eat if in the first day or too, why not freeze it to ensure it remains fresh.

Another great camping food tip is to have a number of cooking activities that involve the kids which will enhance the camping experience. Check out our Kids Camping Recipes for some fun camping food ideas and safe cooking ideas that involve the kids.

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