Camping Games for Kids

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Camping Games for Kids are important for not only keeping those little ones amused, but also for stimulating their sense of adventure.

There are a lot of hours in the day that need filliing and it's good to have a combination of physical activities as well as some 'down time' activities to keep them amused.

Below you will find a selection of traditional games, quiet time activities through to some traditional camping activities.

Traditional Games

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Pack some traditional games that are fun for the whole family. The kids love when they get to interact with the adults in this capacity. Consider some of the following:




Totem Tennis



Mini Golf

camping games for kids

And what about if it's raining or they are worn out and need a bit of a break?

Quiet Time Activities

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Try a deck of cards or Uno for the older kids or snap / memory cards for the younger ones.

Other great kids camping activities include colouring. Use their library bag or equivalent and pack colouring books, stickers, brain teasers and pencils.

A great way to increase their interest in their camping expedition is to look at borrowing books on camping or the local area from your library, or call the local tourist information board in advance and have them send you out an information pack about the local area. That way your children not only have a great time they are learning too.

Kids Camping Activities

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Create competitions, seeing who can collect the most wood for the fire, or who can collect the biggest piece of wood, twig or stick.

Take some old rags or sheets and string and let them make their own fort, which will not only keep them amused whilst they are building it, but will help prevent them from straying as they thrive in their own zone.

kids camping activities

Finally, sometimes the most simple things are often the best, take the kids for a swim or a walk.

"Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories" - Cathy Allen

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