Camping Guide
Essential Camping Tool

Create your own personal camping guide, this will help you get the best possible start to your camping trip. To do this start by making a list of what you need to take in advance.

Have a column to tick everything off once it is packed (with young ones you'll often find a lot of items can't be packed till the last minute).

It's also important to have another column where you can tick everything off when you're packing up. This will ensure you don't misplace anything.

Group your list into common groups. For example:

Accommodation (this will include tents, tables, chairs and eskies)

Clothing & Shoes (make a separate list for each family member)


Bathing & Toiletries

Food & Utensils (break this list down on a daily basis, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Remember, you need to consider all tools required to prepare these meals, e.g. foil, oil, cutlery)

Toys & Entertainment (see kids camping activities for ideas on what to take, but always remember that one comfort items for your little ones).

Essential Camping Items (E.g. torches, matches, first aid, sunscreen)

When packing, put your food in three separate groups, one container for staple dry goods and utensils, another for snacks and treats and another container for cold goods.

Freeze as much as you can to prevent items from perishing. Keep in mind the weather, you don't want to overdo this and then find your food is still frozen when you need it.

Pack a camp stove or a small portable grill. Rely on cooking in the fire for fun, not as an essential for every meal.

Preplanning is definitely the key, because once you are at your campsite it is not always that easy to just 'run down to the shop'.

These simple steps will help give you peace of mind allowing you to focus on what's important, family time!

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