Camping Safety Tips

Teaching your Kids to Not Get Lost!

There are two points to Camping Safety Tips – Not Getting Lost. They are:

A/ How to prevent getting lost in the first place

B/ What to do if you do get lost

The first thing you should do before you leave for your family camping holiday is discuss your camping safety tips and the importance of staying at the camping site and not leaving the site unless it is with an adult.

Camping Safety

When you arrive at your site and you've set up camp, take the time to walk around the local surroundings and pick out key points / Landmarks that will help them to establish where they are.

For example, if there is a really big tree compared to the others. Or maybe you're staying somewhere where there are bathroom facilities or a playground.

Let your kids know that if they do want to go somewhere without an adult, that may be ok, but they need to discuss it with you first. That way you will know where they if they leave the site and discuss a time frame that you'd expect them to be back. By doing this if they are not back an hour or so after this time you know where to start looking for them. As a result it is important that your child has a watch so they can keep track of when they are expected to return.

It is also wise to ensure they take a bag of some sort with them, whether it is a back pack or something smaller, you can ensure you send them with some emergency essentials. Pack a whistle in the bag, if a child is lost and yelling out for help, there is a good chance you won't here them. However if you've packed a whistle and explained to your child when they should use it, it will be a better tool for grabbing your attention.

Always pack a bottle of water this is essential even if they don't get lost. It's amazing how thirsty you can get when you're out amongst the great outdoors.

Ensuring they always have water available will help to make sure they stay fit and healthy and don't get dehydrated.

And finally, a compact plastic poncho is a great item to store in the back pack for emergency purposes. If you child does get lost, teach them to use the poncho, especially if it starts to get dark and cold.

It will act as a bit of barrier against the weather and prolong any illness associated with being lost in the outdoors.

Teach your child that if they begin to feel like they might be lost the best thing they can do is stay still. Sit in the one location and wait for someone to find them.

It is a lot easier to track down a still child than to look for one that is constantly on the go.

Remind them that whilst it's important that they stick to these guidelines and don't get lost, if they think they are lost they should not panic, remind them, no one will be cross with them.

They won't get into trouble.

The last thing you want is for them to avoid getting found for fear of getting in trouble.

If you've got some great camping safety tips you'd like to share, tell us about them We'd love to share them with our readers.

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