Best Car Travel Tips
When Travelling with Kids

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Make your next trip or holiday enjoyable using our comprehensive list of Car Travel Tips.

You'll be guaranteed to minimise the frustration and boredom of the little ones and make the trip that whole lot more relaxing for the adults.

Plan your trip in advance, working out how long it should take to get to your destination and insert appropriate stopping spots, for toilet breaks, or just so the kids can stretch their legs, you may want to consider a meal break if the journey is a long one.

Remember, no amount of car travel tips and planning will prevent you having unplanned stops with children, so factor that in as well.


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It's important to pack a variety of snacks for the trip, include healthy options such as biscuits, fruit, muesli bars etc. However it's ok to have some treats too. They are great for rewards when playing games or just because you are on holidays!

Remember the best options are things that don't create too much mess. Pack more than what you think you'll need, because once you run out, you run out and that can be disastrous.

Take a plastic bag to act as a bin ensuring all wrappers and left over's are disposed of.

Pack a number of drinks, water of course it the best option, however you may decide to pack some fruit boxes or soft drink as a treat.

You could also purchase a small car refrigerator, which plugs into your power charger, keeping perishable items or drinks cold.

It's great to always have a packet of disposable wipes in the car for those sticky fingers. However another option is to wet a face washer and seal it in a clip lock bag, you can then reuse this face washer for the return journey too.


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Distraction is the key to an enjoyable trip. Prepare lots of activities for the kids.

Check out our list of free car travel games which will require their concentration for a decent period of time.

Or consider some of our car travel activities, which again will require their concentration.

It's a great idea to pack a small backpack for each kid, giving them a variety of activities that they can choose to do at their own leisure.

Another options is a portable DVD player, this is a great option if you want some quiet time, movies can be viewed on speaker or you can give your kid a set of headphones ensuring maximum peace and quiet.


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You can either purchase a new book for the trip, but why not visit your local library. Borrow a selection of books for the whole family.

Or another great option for the older kids, if you are going on a holiday is to call the tourist information centre at the destination and have them send a tourist pack. That way they can read all about where they are going, which will educate them and help build momentum.

The most important car travel tip is to expect the unexpected. You never know when the kids will need to go to the toilet, when the kids are going to feel sick, or when you just need to take a break.

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