Central Park NY

A World Famous Park, Perfect for Families


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Let's face it Central Park NY has to be the most famous park in the world.

It's located right in the heart of Manhattan, New York City and is approximately 341 hectares in size, now that is big!

Whilst locals might visit the park to sit back and relax there is plenty to do to keep busy, especially for families.

For example you can go on a horse drawn carriage ride through the park, this is a great way to check out all the different areas of the park, given the size and all.

However if your kids are looking for a bit more action why not try ice skating? There are several rinks to choose from, it's an amazing experience being able ice skate with such fantastic views of the city.

Of course for most of us if we are visiting a park, we do expect there to be a playground. Central Park has 21 playgrounds throughout the park so you shouldn't have to venture far to find one.

For those trying to save a bit of money a park is the perfect place for a picnic. However that said the park also caters for its visitors with two restaurants, there is the Boathouse restaurant and the Tavern on the Green, seriously, they really have thought of everything!

Central Park NY

Whilst the park is clearly loaded with fun activities for the family, they have managed to incorporate a really good educational experience as well. There are information booths around the park where you can join guided tours to learn more about the history of the park.

And with places like Belvedere Castle, a fully functional National Weather Station and The Obelisk (otherwise known as Cleopatra's needle), an antique monument within the park it is great to be able to take the time out to go with a guide and really get a full understanding of what is in the park and it's fascinating history.

Finally, when you think that you've seen all there is to see in the world's most famous park, Central Park NY also has its own zoo! If your kids love animals then definitely take the time to visit this gorgeous attraction.

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