Disney Word Search

Word Searches based on Classic Disney Movies

If you love to do word searches or word jumbles, why not try your had at a Disney word search.

Our range are based on classic Disney movies which are sure to keep your kids attention.

Word search puzzles are a great way to keep the kids entertained.

They are educational in the fact that they get your kids minds active and keep them thinking.

These are great for traveling with kids, all you need to do is print off a selection of word searches prior to leaving for your holiday and then your kids will have something to do either in the car or even at your destination.

We all need a little time out at some stage.

What's even better is if you couple your word searches / word jumbles with some printable colouring pages for a full variety of activities.

Our Range of Disney Word Jumbles / Searches

The Lion King Jumble

Snow White Jumble

The Finding Nemo Jumble

Beauty and the Beast Jumble

The Toy Story Jumble

Sleeping Beauty Jumble

The Disney Cars Jumble

The Little Mermaid Jumble

For a bigger range of word searches / word jumbles for kids, why not check out our printable jumble word puzzles.

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