Empire State Building New York

The Empire State Building New York is a must see tourist attraction in New York City.

It has a special focus on families and offers lots of activities and events for families and children alike. The most popular attraction at the Empire State Building New York is a visit to the Observatory.

What is the Observatory?

"An Observatory is a floor in the building in which you can visit to observe the views across the city"

The Empire State Building has two observatories.

The first one is on the 86th floor.

This observatory is 320 meters high, which is really high!

It is surrounded by glass to ensure you get a really good view of the city. It also has an outdoor promenade on each side with binoculars to get a really good view. So for those that really want a good look you can head outside and for those that are not so confident you can still really enjoy the experience.

The second observatory is on the 102nd floor, can you imagine how high that is!

For adults and older children you can participate in an audio tour too, which will give you some great insights into the city.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building also has a great interactive activity for kids called "The New York Skyride" it is a virtual tour of New York.

If you've made the decision to visit the Empire State Building prior to your vacation we'd highly recommend visiting the website.

There are some really great interactive activities for the kids, not only will these help build the excitement of your forth coming adventure, it's quite educational too, from kids trivia to coloring pages you'll be certain to find something of interest for your children regardless of their age.

Important things to know: The Empire State Building New York

The Empire State Building is open everyday of the year and;

The Observatory is open from 8am till 2am, which is amazing, it means that you can go and visit day or night, imagine the New York Skyline at night, absolutely beautiful.

The best tip we can offer you, especially if you have children is to consider buying tickets in advance.


There are a number of queues to get into the building, the first being security, the second being ticket purchase and the third being the lifts, so if you can avoid one of these queues you'll one step ahead of the rest.

Remember you can save your family a lot of money by purchasing The New York Pass, which includes entry to the Empire State Building.

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