Family Ski Resorts

What does Family Ski Resorts mean?

What does Family Ski Resorts mean to you?

To put it simply, it should be a ski resort that caters to families with kids. That means there should be activities to keep them busy even on occasion while you are busy.

When considering a family getaway to the snow there are a lot of things we need to consider, including which is the best destination for your family.

For starters, you want a destination that is not going to take a life time to get to.

Some destinations can take a full day of driving or even flying, whilst others are simply a couple of hours away from a major city.

If you're going for more than the day, you'll need to consider accommodations, too.

Where do you plan on staying?

Do you want to stay in the heart of it all, or perhaps if budget is a factor you may want to stay at the bottom of the mountain.

Regardless of your decision you will probably be looking for a mountain / resort that offer good day facilities.

You'll want to consider facilities such as:

  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Ski School
  • Child Care Options
  • Clothing and Equipment Hire for Kids
  • Indoor Entertainment Options

Consider how everyone will get from place to place. Are the facilities you need easy to get to? Can the older kids get around safely and easily? This might mean a large enclosed compound rather than something down a public street.

If the packages you find offer different options, don't be afraid to sit down with pen and paper and analyze your needs and their offers.

It might be a good idea to start your shopping and packing list, too, if this is not something you do regularly.

Family Ski Resorts

And on a more logistical note, you will want to consider options such as parking facilities.

Will you need to park miles away?

Are you better off catching a bus up the mountain?

Also what different levels of skiing are available on the mountain.

No good heading to a mountain that doesn't offer beginner to intermediate runs if you have children, plus you may be after a mountain with a fun play area.

All of these things will impact on your decision.

Only you can decide which factors are the most important for your family. You need to weigh up what are the biggest influences on your decision.

Consider your budget, facilities and location, also check out the internet for deals and packages leading into the season.

When resorts offer packages you'll often find that they throw in some extras for free.

Some resorts even offer ‘Kids ski and Kids rent equipment free' look for this as this is a great way to save money on your trip to the family ski resorts.

Check out our page on ski resorts Australia if planning a trip to the snow in Oz.

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