Flying with Children (school aged)

Flying with children can be an exciting experience, especially when it is attached to well anticipated holiday.

You can build up the momentum a week in advance leading up to the flight, talking about the type of plane you'll be flying on, the process in the airport, and the time it will take to get there.

A great tip for older kids that might tend to nag 'are we there yet' is to get a digital timer and set it for the time it will take to reach your destination.

This might be the from the time you leave home to the time you reach your destination, but if this is a bit too unpredictable, set it when you board the plane allowing them to know when they will be landing.

As kids get a little older they won't want a bag of toys to keep them entertained. However to replace this check out all the digital options available, such as, MP3 players, portable DVD players and probably the most popular amongst kids these days are the Nintendo DS.

The great thing about all these items is that if you do make a purchase, you're not spending money to entertain them just on this holiday, these items, (if looked after) are a long term investment.

When flying with children that are school aged, consider packing some snacks for them and put in a few treats, remember we like to relax when we are on holidays so no doubt they will want some pleasures that make the trip special too.

Finally if you kids like to know everything about everything, why not get some brochures about your holiday destination and give them to the kids on the plane, by the time you land they will be well informed about where they are going and what to expect and they may have even learn't something to.

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