Fowlers Bay

Fowlers bay is located just off the Eyre Highway.

It is a combination of water and sandy hills. It was originally a working port but almost became a ghost town in the sixties.

However the town has now been revived and now acts as a popular family stop over, especially for those visiting the Head of Bight.

It is located in the Fowlers Bay Conservation Park. It boasts a gorgeous jetty certainly worth a visit.

There is so much wildlife both in the water and on land it's really a great opportunity to get back to nature. A popular tourist destination is Point Fowler, which displays some beautiful sea cliffs.

Whale watching is a must at the famous Head of Bight whale observation platform, which is approximately 150 km out of the Bay.

The best time to view the whales is between June and October. However please note you do need to get a permit from the road house at either Yalata or Nullarbor, the permit simply gives you permission to enter Aboriginal land.

The Bay is also a hot spot for fishing. You can walk down to the jetty or Scott's Beach or for those a little more adventurous take a boat and really get out amongst it.

If you have a 4 wheel drive why not check out one of the many tracks available, you can visit the sand dunes or other hidden gems.

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