Holiday Craft Ideas
Great Crafts for YOUR Family

A great way to entertain the kids is with fun holiday craft ideas tailored to suit the occasion.

If you spend time traveling to be with family you will find it is often during the festive season.  There is an abundance of activities you can do as a family or as individuals to get into the spirit of things.

And if you are getting together with extended family members there is so much fun to be had, think of the fun your kids can have sharing their holiday craft ideas with their grandparents or their cousins!

A great way to make your craft projects for kids successful is to bundle up all the required tools, e.g. paper, glitter, elastic, whatever is required and put together a kit.

craft activities for kids

Place all the necessary pieces in an A4 clip lock bag or equivalent and suddenly you have an organised craft pack, waiting to be enjoyed.

If you have more than one kit you might want a little tool box that will store your 'essential craft items' such as scissors, glue, stapler etc.

That way you can place only the disposable items in the clip lock bag. This is a decision left to you.

It might depend on how much room you have available in your luggage, as to how much you can accommodate.

All our holiday craft ideas come in a PDF format and are easy to print off and place in your clip lock bag. They come with a list of items required and instructions to ensure your project can be completed with ease. All that is left to do is enjoy.


Easter Bunny Ears

Mother's Day

Mother's Day - Lavender Hearts

Check out our Mother's day photo frames too. Simply colour and attach a photo to the back. And if you have a laminator they look fantastic laminated too. We stick magnets on back and then they make great fridge frames.

Father's Day

Father's Day Ties


Feather Eye Masks

We hope you enjoy our holiday craft ideas as much as we have. It is a great way to keep the kids amused when they are away from home and away from their usual activities.

It also serves as a wonderful way to spend quality time together as everyone works toward a common goal.

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