Holiday Savings

Holiday savings is probably the most important thing to consider when we initially decided, we want to have a holiday.

And a family holiday can provide lasting memories. However what we don't want is a lasting bill on our credit cards.

So let's focus on travel planning, ensuring our holiday is memorable for all the right reasons.

Travel Savings

Top 5 Savings Tips

Here are our top 5 tips for saving money toward or on your next holiday:

1. Open a High Interest Bank Account

Open a bank account especially for your holiday savings. You don't have to close it once you've been on holiday either. It can be your continuous holiday fund, simply start saving for your next holiday straight away.

Ensure your bank account is a high interest bank account, most accounts that offer high interest requires you to deposit regularly and not withdrawal. This is exactly what you will be doing, right?

2. Buy Tickets Early

If you are flying to your destination get your flights early. The best method is to sign up for promotions with big travel sites and then when a great sale arises, purchase your tickets.

Not only will you have got your tickets at a great price you will also have one financial burden out of the way.

And if you are going to be purchasing tickets to amusements at your destination, consider purchasing these in advance too. Most companies will offer a discounted rate. And the benefit to this is you will not be stuck queuing up at the ticket box at the entrance.

3. Split the Bill

Why not consider taking a holiday with friends or extended family. That way you can consider a house or a three bedroom villa for accommodation. Then split the bill.

A great benefit to traveling with others is not only the company but the ability to help each other out. You could arrange to have a ‘Date Night' where only Mum and Dad go out for the evening whilst the other family look after your kids, then you can repay the favour another night.

4. Accommodation – Self Serviced

Try and avoid Motels or any accommodation that does not provide a full kitchen. By booking a self serviced apartment or home you can take a trip to the local supermarket and stock up on items that would ordinarily cost you three times as much if you purchased whilst out and about.

And yes you are on holidays so most certainly you will probably want to go out for dinner, but realistically with kids in tow, it will be nice to have nights in too.

No one's saying you can't purchase some sweets and chips from the supermarket, however by purchasing the bigger bags you will be saving a lot of money. Maybe even buy some clip lock bags for when you have a day out, allowing you to pack only what you need.

Finally when you do decided to eat out, look out for promotions that will save you money e.g. two for the price of one, kids eat free.

5. Free Entertainment

The biggest way to ensure holiday savings is by visititing our ‘Free Printables' section on this website for plenty of ways to keep the kids entertained for free.

Simply print off games and put together an entertainment box / bag. This might be useful for the journey to and from your destination, or to keep kids entertained when there.

If you have a great tip for saving money toward or on your next family holiday why not share it with other families through our travel forums.

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