Homemade Halloween Crafts

Halloween Fun for the Whole Family

Homemade Halloween Crafts are great for getting everyone in the mood for All Hallows Eve!

Halloween can be a fun holiday for the whole family. And furthermore probably the most crafty!

So whether you want to make decorations for around the home or make arts and crafts simply to keep you entertained, there are plenty of homemade Halloween crafts to keep your family amused for hours without spending a fortune.

Here are some of our favorites:

Paper Mache Pumpkins

This is one of the most popular arts and crafts options around Halloween. You decide what you want to make but we recommend making pumpkins. These will never rot!

To make the perfect paper mache mixture combine:

¾ cup flour½ cup water

Then to make your pumpkin do the following:

Blow up a balloon as your template. Then tear a newspaper into pieces. Dip the pieces of newspaper into your paper mache mixture and fix to balloon.

Once all newspaper is fixed to the balloon allow to dry. Following this, cut the top off your paper mache as you would do a real pumpkin and paint. These are great for sweet bowls or just as decorations in general.

Cardboard Spiders

(Can also make great hats)

Homemade Halloween Crafts

For this one you just need some black cardboard, glue / stapler and scissors.

Cut a long strip of black cardboard approximately 2 inches wide. Length is up to you, if you're making a hat you may want to measure the persons head.

Then for the legs cut eight strips of the black card, approximately 1 inch wide by 10 inches long. Shape the legs by bending each piece in half and at one end of the card bend it back again (for the foot).

Join the large strip together (ensuring it fits around the desired head if making a hat).

Glue or staple the legs to the inside of the top of the hat. Thus ensuring the legs poke up and dangle down where bent. Put four on each side.

Add some eyes to the front or your spider using card, paper or whatever you like and your spider is complete.

If you don't want to wear it as a hat you may prefer to put some holes in it and hang it from the ceiling or in a door way as a decoration.

Halloween Wreath

For this one you'll need some adult help. You'll need a circle form. You can use a circle cut from cardboard or wire or coat hanger formed into a circle, or you can buy a foam form especially designed for making wreaths. 

Once you have your circle you can either use colored paper, green garbage bags or scrap fabric. You may even have old ribbons or wrapping paper in the right colors. What you use depends on whether you want it to be scary or pretty!

Cut or tear your paper or fabric into strips approximately 8 inches long and 1 inch wide for a wire form, longer for larger forms.

Tie them onto your form, tying in a knot in the middle. Keep doing this until the circle / wreath is all full up.

Then it is up to you to decide what else you might like to add. Some suggestions are:

Autumn leaves, either real or cut outs

Pine cones, acorns

Cotton ball cobwebs

Flowers (real or fake)

You might find spiders, pumpkins, and other small decorations at a party store or dollar store, too.


The Ultimate Homemade Halloween Crafts: Costumes

In our family, this is the ultimate Halloween craft.  We make homemade costumes almost every year.

Brainstorm with your kids to find out what they want to wear for their costume and use your imagination to create it.

We've done Dracula, witches, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, and this year we'll be doing a character from the Skylanders game called Trigger Happy.  This could be the most challenging yet!

My approach is to decide what I need to construct and then what materials might work best. Then I go out to all the thrift shops on a hunt for the right fabrics and supporting accessories. 

Sometimes it might be clothes in the right colors, like a black cape and white shirt for Dracula.

This year it will involve constructing a face, ears, and round body shape, as well as golden pistol-type guns probably made from toilet roll cylinders.  I might need some type of brown fur, possibly some styrofoam, and a face mask.

The crafts involved will be paper mache, a little sewing, and a bit of painting. I'd better get started!

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