Kids Beach Fun

Are your children naturally beach kids, or is the thought of kids at the beach a new experience for the whole family?

If it's a new experience or something you've not done too successfully in the past, don't panic. As always you'll find a successful day out is all in the planning.

As parents the most important thing that we need to consider when going to the beach is safety.

And the most obvious factor to consider is sun protection. There are no trees on the beach to shade ourselves or our kids from the sun.

So how do we protect them? Sunscreen, hats, rash vests and sun shelters are just a few options.

kids beach

Given you are most likely at the beach because it is a warm day, remember to keep your kids hydrated.

Bring plenty of water.

Also pack plenty of snacks. If they are playing on the beach and in the water they will need snacks throughout the day to keep their energy levels up.

Make sure all food is in a packet or container that is well sealed. And ensure you have some wet ones or baby wipes available for them to clean the sand off their hands before eating.

Try and minimise perishable foods, however if you do pack some, remember to dispose of them if they have not been eaten in a reasonable time frame.

Ice packs, cooler bags or eskies are a great way to keep food and drinks cold.

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