Kids Camping Equipment

Top 10 'Must Haves for Kids'

Kids Camping equipment - What are the most important items for kids when camping? Let's exclude your camping necessities like a tent for example and focus on the extra things you need to take when bringing a child /ren with you.

1/ Sleeping bag – either grab a kid size one with their favorite character on it, or to save money buy an adult size one, eliminating the need to buy another one as they grow.

2/ Camping Bed – this will prevent them from sleeping on the hard ground. Best option is an all in one fold out bed, which when packed away takes up as much room as a sleeping bag. They are low to the ground too for added safety.

3/ Outdoor Chair – You really need a camping chair for each person camping and kids are no exception. The best type of camping chair is one where the back joins to the seat of the chair, because there is no gap your kids will be less likely to suffer from a cold draft. 

kids camping equipment

4/ Torch – try to get one that doesn't require too many batteries. It's good to teach your child to only use the torch when it is dark and not as a toy. A torch is a safe option for providing light in a tent, or when getting around at night.

5/ Sun Protection (including hat & sunscreen) – regardless of the weather don't forget these items. These items act as a great protector against sun and wind.

6/ First Aid Kit – you really should have a first aid kit regardless of whether you're taking kids camping or not, but it is essential if kids are involved. If you don't buy a ready-made kit, pack a container with bandages, medications and creams for bits or abrasions.

7/ Drink bottle – its important kids drink lots of water and it's easiest if kids have their own drink bottle. Make sure you get a good quality drink bottle that will survive camping. We love the aluminum drink bottles, they won't get a whole in them and they don't leak.

8/ Giant Cooking Skewers – make sure you pack some extra long metal skewers. Kids love campfire cooking, but it's important to make sure they have got the tools to do it safely. Extra long camping skewers will ensure they don't get too close to the fire. Note: This activity should always be supervised by an adult.

9/ Tennis on a Stick – this is the perfect self entertainment (otherwise known as Todem Tennis). This game comes in a compact pack, and can be played by one or two people.

10/ Wet Weather Entertainment / Toys – Pack a small bag or folder with some toys or coloring pages suitable to entertain the kids in poor weather.

We hope you find this list of kids camping equipment of value, by taking these items your kids will be comfy, safe and well entertained.

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