Kids Playing in the Snow

A Family Trip to the Snow

You may have seen pictures of kids playing in the snow, but never got to do it yourself. I'm sure at one stage or another, every child dreams of going to the snow. For a great portion, this does become a reality, but for many it remains a dream.

If you are planning a day trip or family holiday to the snow, have a think about what you need to do to make your trip run as efficiently as possible.

When planning your trip, think about what you will be doing at the snow, do you want the kids to learn to ski or will kids playing in the snow or tobogganing do the trick?

Are you going to purchase or borrow protective and safety gear for the kids, or will you hire this up at the slopes? Will they have the appropriate sizes available at the mountains?

It's important to first of all book your accommodation and work out your transportation. If you are going to drive you will need to ensure you have access to chains for your car tyres and make sure your car is in good working order. Alternatively most bus companies will run buses up to the mountains regularly during the snow season.

When booking your accommodation, be sure to find out if you need to bring your own bedding and / or towels. Will you need to bring cleaning products to clean the property at the end of your stay, or is it a serviced premises?

Often you'll find that there is some distance between where you leave your car parked and where you stay and transportation between the two may be by foot or by sled. Either way you need to make sure you have all items in secure luggage, I have visions of trying to stop my cereal from flying out of the bag when using the sled on our first trip to the snow!

Affordability will determine whether you bring all your own food or whether you decide to dine out at meal times. You will learn very quickly that retail outlets on the mountains are more expensive than your usual outlets due to lack of competitors and availability.

Safety for Kids Playing in the Snow

Moving forward it's important to think about your kids' safety. Proper clothing is needed even for kids playing in the snow after all.

Firstly you don't want them to fall ill whilst away. Keep them warm, layering will ensure they remain warm, water proof clothing or ski clothing will prevent them from getting wet, and accessorize.

A hat and gloves are essential items for everyone. My favourite is a neck warmer, which is just like a scarf that is sewn together at the ends. You just slip it over your head and you can cover your neck, right up to your ears and even your nose when it starts to get a bit frosty!

And it is encouraged to consider a helmet to protect your children's heads. It's easy to fall in snow and ice, and as their skulls are so precious it's better to play it safe.

Finally fun is the order of the day when going to the snow, whether you place your kids in a ski lesson or just stick to games and activities like building snowmen and igloos. and having the kids playing in the snow, there is something for everyone.

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