Keeping your kids safe in the car while traveling this holiday season

People take advantage of the holiday season to bond; and one of the most common things that they do is to travel by road to visit friends or family, or simply to spend the Christmas season in a different destination.

It’s a fact that the rate of vehicular accidents increases during the holidays because of the amount of drivers on the roads, the increased rate of drinking drivers, and long-haul drives which increases fatigue.

If you’re traveling with kids this season, it’s vital that you do whatever you can to ensure you all arrive at your destination and back home safely.

Here are some tips that will ensure safe travels with your kids this holiday season:

1. Ensure your car seat meets safety-standards

A good car seat will reduce the risk of death or serious injuries in accidents so it is important to have one which meets government safety standards. When choosing the right car seat for your child, keep in mind these three factors: age, height and weight.

For babies, it is advisable to get them a rear-facing infant seat because this type of car seat provides extra support for the baby’s delicate spots such as the neck and back muscles.

However, for children that weigh less than 20kgs, a forward-facing seat. For children who weigh more than 20kgs should use a booster seat.

When installing the car seat, always remember to put it in the back seat of the car and far away from the front airbags as they can smother a child if they go off as a result of an accident. You can also use child restraint extension straps and restraint vehicle anchor kits to secure your little ones even more.

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2. Secure all the loose items

When a car crash occurs, simple loose items can turn into lethal weapons - See this safety info from MYNRMA in PDF. These objects can impact at up twenty times the force of gravity and could end up fatally injuring you or your child. Keep all loose items secured in the glove box, while heavy items should be kept in the boot.

3. Install products that will keep your child safe and comfortable

There are lots of products on the market that can be bought and installed in your car to ensure that your children are comfortable and safe on the road. If no one else is with you in the car while you’re driving with your children, you should install a front or back baby view mirror so you can have a clear view to check up on your little ones. You can also purchase and stick up a ‘baby on board’ sign to let others know you are travelling with your bub.

Aside from road accidents, some children experience overheating and this could pose a serious threat to their health. To prevent this from happening, you can purchase a roller shade; this will not just protect your children from the heat, but also protect them from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Follow these simple steps, in addition to always keeping your eyes on the road, taking breaks when tired and always buckling up, to ensure that your loved ones stay safe on the roads this holiday season.

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