Kids Ski Boots

Choosing the right boot for your Child

When choosing kids ski boots it is very important that you get the boots that fit.

This is not the time to be buying boots that are a bit bigger allowing them to grow into them. If money is a major concern then consider rentals as an option for your family.

Kids ski boots are one of the most important pieces of ski equipment your kids will need along with their skis. Getting the purchase of these items right will impact on the overall experience.

What to look for when buying Ski Boots for Kids

It is important Ski Boots fit your child like a pair of running shoes would if they were playing sport.

They should be firm fitting, however should still have enough room around the toe area to move your toes.

Remember in most instances they are going to be wearing them all day.

Slim ski socks are a great option when fitting out ski boots, don't wear thick socks that will fall down and wrinkle.

If you don't want to spend additional money on ski socks, simply ensure the socks they wear are thin dress socks.

And of course ensure they are wearing the socks they will ski in at their fitting.

Kids Ski Boots

TIP: In most Ski Boots you can remove the liner giving you the ability to check the fitting visually. Giving you complete peace of mind as to whether you believe the boot will fit.

It is not always wise to trust your child when you ask them if they have enough room and unlike runners / trainers you cannot squeeze the toe to see how they fit!

Remember: Having the right boots for your children can make or break their impression of going to the snow and skiing. If you want to introduce them to skiing and create a life-long love for the sport it is imperative that you get their ski gear right.

Blisters and sore feet will not leave a positive impression in a young person's mind, so get it right and you'll be paid back for years to come.

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