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So you're planning a holiday and starting to think about all the kids travel products you will need.

There are so many different brands or styles of prams / strollers, luggage, etc, what is the best for you?

Check out what families are recommending before purchasing your kids travel needs.

And if you've had a fantastic experience using a particular product or found something not so 'kid friendly' share your thoughts with others.

Food Time - Product Reviews

Travel High Chair - Which Travel High Chair is the best option for your family? Check out the pro's and con's now.

Sleep Time - Product Reviews

Kinderkot - Baby Tent - Check out what a mother of two had to say about this great product!

Baby Travel Bed (Port-a-cot) - what to look for in a good bed and from experience what we considered most important.

Travel Cot Mattress - An award winning product perfect for your travel cot.

Kid Travel Bed - Compact travel beds for kids from young to old.

Cot Canopy - Pefect for creating night time regardless of location.

On the Move - Product Reviews

Baby Bjorn Carrier - Check out our experiences with the Baby Bjorn Carrier, for getting around hands free with a baby.

Best Travel Stroller - Find out what we recommend you look for when purchasing a good travel stroller for your big holiday or vacation.

Chuckies Travel Sickness Bags - Does your child suffer from travel sickness? If so check out this great product.

Kids Fun and Games - Product Reviews

The TrayKit - The perfect travel briefcase / playstation for younger children.

Kids Airplane Organiser - The perfect solution for storing your kids bits and pieces when flying.

Nintendo DS & DS Lite - A great source of entertainment of the go for kids of all ages through to adults.

Leapfrog Leapster - A great travel gaming unit for kids from 4 - 8 years of age.

YOUR Ratings on Travel Products for Kids

Have a favorite travel product? Or know of one that wasn't that great? Tell us all about it!

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The ultimate travel water bottle 
Have just purchased (but not yet used) some Platypus Water Bottles for our next trip in June. Having been caught out at the airport on our last trip …

Tommee Tippee - Pur Self Sterilising Bottle  
Tommee Tippee advertise: "The Pur™ Self Sterilising Bottle is the quickest way to sterilise a bottle, requiring only 1½ minutes in the microwave! This …

Self Inflating Camping Bed 
My daughter recently turned three, so she is now at an age where she no longer needs a portacot however we still need to think about where she will sleep …

Baby Cocoon 
I did not have a cocoon for my first baby but then when I had my second baby I decided to get one, and I really wished I had of got one first time round. …

Kindy Kamper Traveller - the compact bedding solution for little travelelrs Not rated yet
We used this wonderful product this year when we went to Thailand. It's first use was in the airport at Brisbane as we had a late flight and our little …

The perfect travel bed for kids Not rated yet
If you have a child in Child Care – the Kindy Kamper is definitely a must for you! The Kindy Kamper is an all in one bed just for your little one – …

Tidy Entertainment for Kids Not rated yet
Crayola have a great product called Color Wonder "Mess Free Creative Activities" Essentially it is a colouring book, however it comes with it's own …

Fridge to Go Not rated yet
I have used the Fridge to Go on a couple of overseas trips and it's the only cooler I've found that will stay cold for over 12 hours, which is great if …

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