Leapster Learning System

Including Leapster 2 - Our Review

There are a couple of varieties of the Leapfrog Leapster Learning System.

Whilst the original Leapster Learning System can still be found in some shops the Leapster2 is definitely leading the way now.

So what exactly is a Leapster2?

It's basically an electronic hand held game, for kids from the age of 4 up.

That said our 2 & ½ year old son now has one. (His big sister has it became only natural that he have one too!).

It has built in tutorials and learning levels for your child, therefore regardless of your child's ability they work at their own pace.

It has a touch screen (which makes it similar in style to the Nintendo hand held games) which can appeal to kids who have older brothers and sisters. The touch screen also helps develop kid's motor skills too.

There are over 30 games to choose from with a number of different age brackets ensuring it is not a product they can easily outgrow.

And to top it off most of the games incorporate all their favourite characters from Disney Princess's to Disney Pixar's Cars.

Whilst the kids will think their Leapster2 is simply great fun, it will help teach them mathematics, science concepts, language and reading skills.

What do I love about the Leapster2?

Its console is compact, perfect for travel.

You can purchase a neat little travel case for it which helps to protect it without making it bulky. The case also enables you to pack an additional two games to ensure your child has some variety.

Compared to other items on the market they are very affordable. Games can be expensive, I've personally found e-bay to be the perfect place to find more affordable game options (and a bigger variety of games too).

Plus they are really sturdy. The amount of times our Leapster2's have been dropped (on concrete when getting in and out of the car too might I add) any other gaming console would have surely broken by now, but Leapster's are ‘kid tough'.

These are the perfect gaming console for toddlers / beginners.

The kids will play them from time to time at home, especially in the late afternoon when everyone is starting to get a bit tired and need some quiet time.

However we mostly pack them when travelling, car, plane you name it!

We also use them when we are going out for dinner or around to a friend's place. Just something they have that is their own that they can sit and relax and play. Great distraction!

Plus if you are out and about they have a volume control on them or you can insert headphones too for peace and quiet from a parent's point of view (which can be handy if you have more than one of them on the go, like we do!)

The only real pitfall with the Leapster2 is simply it's another gadget that requires batteries.

But the easiest way to overcome this is to purchase rechargeable batteries.

We highly recommend the Leapster Learning system as a fun and educational way to keep the kids entertained when travelling.

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