Macedon Ranges Spa Country

A Great Family Getaway

January 2011

The Macedon Ranges Spa Country is a great place to visit in Victoria.

I needed to getaway, as all parents do from time to time, and so the story starts..........

We needed to getaway, we really didn't care where we went, just somewhere that was not home. Somewhere where we can relax, unwind and spend some quality time with our children. Simply enjoying each other's company.

We decided a weekend away is more fun spent with great company, so the invite went out and we started to plan our weekend getaway with another great family.

To the Macedon Ranges Spa Country we went. Daylesford to be specific, but regardless of where you go in this region it's picturesque.

What is there to do in Daylesford?

Daylesford in the heart of the Macedon Ranges Spa Country, has plenty to do. The ladies took a break and we treated ourselves to a facial and massage in one of the many day spas. Daylesford is famous for its day spa's among other things. A few hours away from those we love most isn't such a bad thing is it?

The men treated themselves to a round of golf. So over all we (as adults) were all about to take some time out and do something relaxing and enjoyable.


Finally, and of course most importantly a family getaway isn’t a family getaway without some good quality time together. Some of the fun things we did in the Macedon Ranges was:

Attend the Daylesford Market

This is held every Sunday and is a combination of Trash and Treasure and Craft, and of course if you take the time to check out the market, you might as well wonder the main street too. There are so many gorgeous shops and cafes to stop and visit you could seriously spend a whole day simply browsing the main drag.

And I can't mention the shops in Daylesford without mentioning my most favourite find, Lark! Now this shop is not in the main street. I stumbled upon it as I drove down a back street and saw some gorgeous bunting tied between the shop sign and a tree. This is clearly a treasure for those willing to search.

Hepburn Springs

This region is truly famous for its natural spring water. There are a few different spots you can stop at and taste the water, many people stopping by with huge bottles to fill and take home. Imagine being spoilt with that luxury.

Of course the kids thought it was a great novelty, pumping the tap to get water from the ground. So they pumped to their hearts content, but were very disappointed, or shocked more to the point when they tasted it. The water they had pumped was that from a natural soda water. Definitely not what they expected.

It was a hot day for us too. So the kids took joy in paddling in a little spring water creek bed, well in honesty maybe just the older kids, we let the baby have a little paddle too, but I don't think he really knew what to make of that!

Daylesford Lake

We took a short drive down to the lake, there is a quaint bookshop here and coffee shop too. There is also a small park for the kids, but the highlight is feeding the ducks, so make sure you take some bread.

Such a simple and cheap activity involving the whole family. As you can see, our poor little man was a little frightened by the whole experience, but at no stage wanted to walk away from the experience.

Finally, we rented a great little three bedroom house, a cost effective option for two families. In the Macedon Ranges Spa Country there are loads of properties to choose from. We wanted something modern, ensuring we didn't have to worry about the children breaking anything, however if staying in period homes is your thing, there are loads in this area.

We went to one of the local pubs for dinner on the Saturday night. The Royal provided a great meal at a reasonable price. It appeared as though it had been newly renovated. They also had great little show bags that came with the kids meals and they were a huge hit. Sometimes it doesn't matter what you pack to keep them entertained, just having something new is simply the best.

So there you have it, we'd definitely recommend Daylesford and all of the Macedon Ranges Spa Country if you are looking for a getaway in Victoria, Australia. Whilst we only stayed for the weekend we'd agree that there is plenty to do in the surrounding area if you wanted to stay longer.

For parents, you could visit one of the many surrounding galleries, wineries or breweries, most (but not all) welcoming children too.

I can't wait to go back again


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