Motion Sickness Prevention

Keeping the Kids Happy & Healthy whilst reaching your Holiday Destination.

How do you go about motion sickness prevention?

Well clearly the first step is to understand what motion sickness is.

Then you need to consider what steps you can take to prevent it occurring in the first place.

Attempting to prevent motion sickness is a much better option to trying to deal with the sickness once it is already in place.

When planning a family vacation, consider your seating arrangements for travel.

Motion Sickness Prevention in Cars

If traveling by car you may want to sit the person with the motion sickness in the front, or nearest to the front, (if this is possible, depending on age) or in the middle of the back seat where they are less likely to concentrate on the moving scenery around them.

Another common problem with car passengers is reading or using electronic devices.  Looking down instead of outside can cause some people to fell ill, particularly if they are in the back of the car.

In Planes

If you are traveling by plane, don't put them in a window seat, whilst the scenery is not quite as intense it can still cause motion sickness, perhaps an aisle seat will help them with accessibility if they need it.

Sleeping is a great distraction for kids that suffer from motion sickness, so if this is something that is an issue for your family, plan your trips early in the day or later in the evening when the kids are more likely to sleep their way through the travel.

And finally, try and encourage your kids to eat healthy. This is not always the easiest of tasks; however it will help minimize the disruption to their sensitive tummies.

If you find that your kids still stuffer from motion sickness, check out some great products for motion sickness prevention such as medications or natural remedies, we recommend the PSI Motion Sickness Wristband as a drug free alternative.


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