Printable Games for Kids

Printable games for kids is a great way to get members of the whole family interacting with one another. Regardless of whether it's a game for two or for everyone, our printable games will ensure you're all spending quality time together.

Not only are our printable games fun, they also encourage your kids to problem solve, count, and learn to deal with feelings such as patience and anticipation.

Our printable games are new to this site, please continue to come back to our site as we work to add fun and exciting printable games for your kids.

Roll and Colour Game


Print out one of the 'Roll and Colour Player Sheets' (there are two playing cards per sheet, therefore if more than two people are playing you will require more than one sheet).

Take it in turns to roll the dice, whatever number you roll up is the number of the item you need to colour in. E.g. if you roll a six, colour in the fish or train labelled number six.

If you roll a number that has already been coloured in you miss a turn. The winner is the first person to colour in all the items on their playing card.

The Goldfish Roll & Colour Game

The Train Roll & Colour Game

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