Printable Jumble Word Puzzles

Printable jumble word puzzles are an educational way to entertain the kids. Regardless of whether people refer to them as printable word finds, printable word jumbles or printable word puzzles, effectively they are all the same thing.

You don't even have to use them just for traveling. For example they are also great for print and play at home or at a restaurant.

Our jumbles are also theme based, making it more enjoyable for your young one's imagination.

We hope you like our jumbles, however if your kids are passionate about a particular topic, let us know.

We are constantly looking to build our range of jumbles to suit kids of all ages.

How to Play The Printable Jumble Word Puzzles

In case you aren't familiar with these puzzles, I'll explain a bit about them.

This puzzle is a grid of letters with words or names scattered in various directions throughout the grid.

A list of words is given with the goal of finding and circling the words in the grid.  They might be from left to right in the normal way, or they could be diagonally from bottom right going to the left.

Try one and see how quickly you can find the words!

Here's a partial view of a jumble puzzle in case you aren't familiar with them:

Level 1

The Princess Word Jumble

The Bob the Builder Word Jumble

Level 2

The Car and Truck Word Jumble

The Farm Animal Word Jumble

Level 3

The Zoo Animal Word Jumble

Level 4

The Ben 10 Word Jumble

The High School Musical Word Jumble

The Bratz Word Jumble

Further more if what you see here isn't suitable and you need more options, or you simply have a soft spot for classic Disney movies, why not check out our range of Disney Word Search / Word Jumbles.

Each one has it's own Disney movie theme, allowing your kids to stick to their favorites.

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