Printable Mazes

Printable Mazes are so much for fun for younger kids.

Our mazes not only vary in skill level but are also theme based making it even more fun for kids.


In the Beginner's Maze you simply need to get from the start to the finish successfully.

The Beginner's Maze

Why not check out our Dora the Explorer inspired maze and see if you can become a star catcher too.

For this maze, you not only have to find your way from start to finish you need to collect the stars on your way.

However the challenge here is that you need to do this without crossing over your own path. Good luck Star Catcher.

The Star Catcher Maze

This next one is inspired by Disney Pixar's Cars.

This time you need to cross the finish line without crossing over your own path, but don't forget, you need to:

  • Stop for fuel
  • Clean the car at the car wash
  • Then stop for fuel again

Do all of this before you cross the finish line to be a true champion.

The Car Maze

For more fun mazes, check out these great books available through our store.

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