Road Trips with Baby

Hints and Tips for your Family Getaway

Road Trips with Baby - Our tips and advice!

Whether you're planning a road trip or you have a destination you need to get to, traveling with baby doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Whilst we can't gurantee every baby will be an angel there are certainly steps you can take to minimize the disruption and help them to remain calm and happy.

When planning your road trip ensure you allow a bit of flexibility. You will no longer be able to drive for extended periods of time without a break. Allow for breaks and often, then if you don't need them, bonus you'll get to your destination earlier than you expected.

Another thought, when planning road trips with baby and your pit stops, check what the weather forecast is going to be. No point planning a picnic in the park if it's going to be raining. There are plenty of weather websites that will give you an indication of what weather to expect.

Where you stop with a baby will also be influenced by whether you're breast feeding or bottle feeding. Plus what equipment you have. Can you heat your bottle through your car charger or will you require a microwave? This all needs to be taken into consideration.

Make sure you prepare your car for the trip too. By making the environment as cozy as possible you will not only have a happier baby, you will find the breaks will also be reduced.

Road Trips with Baby

By this I mean install sunshades on the windows if you haven't already. Ensure baby has some toys to play with, and it helps if they are attached to the seat or surrounding area. Otherwise they'll quickly end up on the floor and will be nothing but a frustration for baby.

Finally if they are that little bit older and distracted by the TV, a portable DVD player is sure to come in handy.

Many families, us included like to make a head start in the wee hours of the morning. Getting a baby out of bed and into the car in the dark can be good, they'll continue to sleep, reducing their awake time, and if they are awake they will tire easily later and therefore sleep.

For some this is good in theory, if you have a baby that is more likely to be disgruntled at the fact you've broken their sleep or their routine you may be best to wait. Only a parent can make that decision.

Prepare a list for packing in advanced, this will help you ensure you don't miss anything. Then you will need to determine what can go in the back of the car and what needs to go in your 'day bag'. And when you pack your car you'll need to remember to pay in a way that will easily allow you to reach items you require at pit stops, items such as a stroller or a sling.

Just remember that road trips with baby can be a joyful experience.

We've been fortunate to have pleasant experiences. And with each additional child you will have a helper, who can entertain and distract the baby when they've had enough!

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