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& What it means to You?

We are ok on the computer, we can type up a word document, even create a table! But if you asked us to build you a website, HA! What a joke that would be.

We didn’t have two years available to complete a degree in web site design, and now we don’t have to.

After being introduced to SBI, we have gained so much knowledge about what is truly important when designing a website.

It’s not about spending a fortune paying someone to build a flash website, it’s about you having a passion to deliver great content.

SBI Tools for Beginners

SBI will provide you with the tools to ensure you have:

  • Keywords that are in demand

  • Targeted traffic visit your site

  • Great monetization opportunities

How does all this happen?

SBI has an Action Guide which is a step by step tutorial, that you can read or watch (video guide) at your leisure. The beauty of this is you take as long as you need to work on each step before moving to the next.

And if you think you'll need some extra help, SBI provides an e-course which provides some 'coaching' style learning. So you'll have loads of support.

So if you are a stay at home mum with the task of juggling a busy household you can work on it in the evenings, as much or little as you like.

Or perhaps you are a small business owner who can dedicate a number of hours each day to building your website and promoting your business.

Either way, you only move to the next step when you are ready.

Not only does SBI provide an easy to understand Action Guide, there are also a number of other resources available to you.

Such as:

  • Brainstorm It – This tool helps you to work out which keywords are best for your site/passion.

  • Domain Registration

  • Web Hosting

  • Simple ‘Block by Block’ page building

  • Blogging options

  • Search Engine Tracking

  • Forums – There is a whole community of Site Builders willing to help you if you get stuck on something or are generally interested in how to add something to your site.

and much more……

Why not take a tour of SBI to determine if this is the right avenue for you.

Remember, SBI is not a get rich quick scheme, you are not likely to make a million dollars over night. It is an investment (of your time).

However once you have created your website, it will continue to work for you, even when you are not working on it.

So regardless of if you just want to fund your next big holiday or free yourself from the rat race, consider Site Build It we did and you can do it too.

Good luck

If you want to order Site Build It and start working on your website today order your SBI package here.

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