Snow Activities

There are a number of kids snow activities that you and your family can do at the snow to keep everyone amused.

Firstly you can consider making a snow man. Why not pack a little collection of items you can use for facial features. That get's them preplanning for their trip and no doubt helps build the excitement.

snow angel, snow zone

The kids could make Snow Angels.

Don't know what a Snow Angel is? Get your kids to lay flat in the snow with their legs together and their arms by their side. Then move them in a ‘star jump' motion. This should be creating a pattern in the snow.

When they get up they should see an outline of their body with wings and an angel skirt. Kids of all ages love that one. It's not often they get to stand up and evaluate their own person.

Other kids snow activities include Tobogganing or Snow Tubing.

Tobogganing is a great one for families. You will usually find an area on the mountains allocated solely to this activity ensuring they are in a safe environment (no trees to crash into) and away from skiers.

And due to its popularity most on site retail outlets will have toboggans for hire.

snow activities

Snow Tubing is another great activity; similar to tobogganing it uses a rubber tube as opposed to a flat board. However you don't have a lot of control with this one so this make be best left to the older kids or those seeking a bit of an adrenalin rush.

All round an adventure to the snow is exactly that an adventure. Keep it fun. Don't put too much pressure on the kids to try something they are not ready for. You want them to want to come back for more.

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