Summer Beach Games

How to have Quality Family Fun at the Beach!

For most kids fun at the beach will start with their imagination, building sand castles, forts or small villages.

However there are plenty of other summer beach games and activities you can enjoy as a family in and out of the water.

See our list of beach games there is sure to be something suitable for your family.

Our family favourite doesn't require any rules, we simply love to take the beach soccer ball for a bit of family fun on the sand.

That said the sand can at times get hot and a good pair of sand shoes might come in handy especially for little feet.

Check out our sun safety tips for at the beach.

Other than their imagination or our list of beach games what else can young children use to play or create their own beach games?

There are plenty of great beach sand toys available to purchase prior to your day out that will have them amused for hours on end.

Summer Beach Games

Beach games don't always have to consist of two players or a team with a set of rules and a scoreboard. It can be as simple as creating a fort or village in the sand. Water proof cars and trucks are great to assist with this.

Obviously it will all depend on the age of your family as to what ideas are most suitable and as always this will change at they grow.

"Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the
sand are gone." - Anonymous

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