The Top Travel Apps for Kids

With the top travel apps for kids, children participate in trip planning, documenting the trip, learning about destinations and enjoy educational entertainment in route.

Whether vacationing with children by plane, train or automobile, iPad, iPhone, Android and other devices utilize apps to engage your child before, during and after the travel experience.

These apps range in price from free to under $10.00.

US GeographyUS Geography

Educational and entertaining, US Geography by Discovery Education provides comprehensive information covering a specific region or state including history, climate, culture and much more.

Learning is fun with this app while children play games, take quizzes and watch videos.

The app includes hundreds of activity and challenge questions.

Children can earn explorer badges and achieve up to 25 levels.

This app also features current Discovery News stories relevant to travel destinations around the country. Available for iPhone and iPad and appropriate for all ages.

Our Favorite Travel Apps for Kids

My Little Suitcase

The My Little Suitcase travel app for kids, created by Moms With Apps, engages children to pack for vacation and to choose their own destination.

A feature-rich menu gives children the choice of a snow-themed trip, a camping adventure, an excursion to the beach or a sleepover. Children pack items appropriate for their chosen destination. Recommended for ages 1 through 7.

My Little Suitcase app is compatible with iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone


Road trip bingo app for kids

RoadTripBingo, created by PhoneBros, uses the classic Bingo game format, substituting the traditional letters and numbers for clues found while traveling.

Kids spot animals, scenery, road signs and other clues to fill in bingo cards.

Five in a row wins a Bingo. Thousands of bingo cards are included, with hundreds of clues to be found.

Animated characters interact with children to add to the fun and excitement. RoadTripBingo features a clean intuitive interface and is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Story Patch

Haywoodsoft's Story Patch utilizes an intuitive interface for creating picture books.

Children can incorporate vacation photos with pre-stocked images and text gathered from prompted responses.

Customizable characters, props and backgrounds are included, in addition to a set of optional story themes to jump start creative ideas. Picture books can be saved to PDF for easy sharing.

Story Patch provides hours of entertainment in route to destinations and engages children to document and share their vacation experiences with friends and family. Available for iPad and iPhone.

Trip Journal

Use Trip Journal from iQuest to document travels and share vacation highlights in real-time.

Integrated with Google Earth, Trip Journal gathers all the details, including distance, routes traveled and interesting sites visited to update friends and family as your journey progresses.

The app also enables social network sharing through content portals, videos, photos and blog entries. GPS tweeting allows location specific information viewable in real-time through Google Maps.

The uncluttered interface organizes media, notes and travel details in an intuitive manner that's easily manageable by novice and expert users, which makes this app appropriate for the whole family. Available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

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