Travel Games for Children

There are hundreds if not thousands of great ideas for travel games for children. Think, not only what will they do on the way to your destination. What will keep them occupied once they have arrived.

kids travel games

It is great to pack a small backpack full of your kid's favorite items or for those older kids give them a limit as to how many items they can bring, allowing them to decide what they might like to have with them whilst they are away from home.

Remember, it's important to get out and about when you are away, however most kids won't just sit and have a rest when you feel like it, so the best way to achieve a win-win situation for both the kids and the parents is to create activities that will have them entertained whilst you relax.

It's good to have a list of car travel games that can amuse the kids on a long trip. Not only will this distract them, it is great ‘family time' for everyone.

Brain teasers for kids are a great way to stimulate and challenge every member of the family, and whilst they won't realise it, they will be learning at the same time!

Don't Forget These Handy Travel Games for Children

Some families prefer travel games that are bought, purpose designed for travel. For example, small magnetic games can be purchase such as chess or draughts, ideal for in the car or on the plane.

If you already own smartphones, there are tons of inexpensive apps that can keep kids entertained for as long as you want. If you have more than one child, you might need to set time limits and pass the phone around to keep the peace.  When it isn't their turn, some kids enjoy watching others play, too.

Further to this, there is a great range of hand held game consoles available today, with loads of games to choose from.

However if you are confused and don't know what to buy, read our thoughts on these:

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Finally, why not check out our kids printable activities to help keep the kids amused without blowing the budget.

Sometimes the most memorable travel games for children are those that don't cost a cent yet are enjoyed by the whole family.

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