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When buying a travel high chair, there are a number of different options you can consider for your baby or toddler.

A/ 'Totseat' have made a travel seat cover that converts dining chairs to high chairs, using a fabric cover, whilst the concept is there and the child will not fall off the chair they don't really 'boost' your child up to table level.

This is probably something that would be better suited to a toddler you can't get to stay still.

It certainly covers off everything as far as being easy to pack and keep clean as it simply squashes into a tiny travel pouch, and can easily be cleaned by simply putting it through the wash.

The people at Totseat advised us "You are quite right in that the Totseat doesn't offer the booster element for the child, as being such minimal luggage there isn't an option for this, BUT the baby isn't actually all that low down from the table. And it fits all shapes and sizes of chair (see photos). Being so small it's great for carrying with you - which is why we invented it - minimal luggage with maximum impact."

Check out their photos below:

The Totseat
The Totseat

B/ Our extended family preferred to use the travel high chair that 'clipped on'.

Essentially you'd attach the chair via it's rods to the table and the child sits in the fabric seat, with their legs dangling below.

This worked really well for them, it folds down well, unlike the Totseat it doesn't pack right down into a little pouch but is compact all the same.

Some things to consider with the clip are:

Is the table sturdy?

I personally found that if the table did not have four legs (e.g. 1 big leg in the middle) the table could topple due to the weight of the baby or toddler in the seat.

Which effectively found us having to designate someone to hold onto the table at all times to make sure this did not happen. The obvious thought here is that can be a bit dangerous.

How precious is the table?

I'm sure if you're dinning out with kids you are not at some high end restaurant, That said some places might not want you to attached this kind of travel high chair to their table in case you mark or damage it in anyway.

C/ The travel high chair we opted to purchase was a booster travel chair.

travel high chair

It was sturdy, strapped onto the chair around the bottom and around the back, securing it firmly.

It had three different adjustable heights so you could adjust the chair depending on the table you were at or the age of the child.

It also came with its own tray if you didn't want the child sitting directly at the table, however this is easily removable if you do.

The seat folds down, however is nowhere near as compact as the first two options.

Ours folds down to be a bit bigger than an adult shoe box. However you can use the straps to carry it with ease.

We wouldn't be without our travel high chair. We have been to restaurants that have simply allocated all their chairs, or don't have them at all.

On one occasion we even went out to lunch and the high chair on offer was so dirty it had mould on it. I was horrified and very pleased to know we had our own.

Plus it does provide a bit of familiarity for the baby or toddler, which always helps when you are trying to get them to eat in unfamiliar surroundings.

Anyway, at the end of the day, which travel highchair you choose is up to you, but as a family with two young children and another on the way, this has turned out to be an essential item for us.

We take our chair to restaurants, when we head away to visit family or on holiday, to use at our accommodation suite.

And personally (without having tested the Totseat) we have found the boast travel chair to be the best option around.

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