Travel Tips for
Packing Luggage

Family Travel Made Easy are here to provide travel tips for packing luggage for your family. When planning a trip you will need to consider what luggage you will take.

What luggage you have will in turn impact on how much you will be able to bring with you.

If you have a number of kids, you need to consider their luggage requirements too.

Will they share a bag with you, or will they have their own?

Can they carry their own or is it another bag you need to be able to carry?

kids luggage

The first of our travel tips for packing luggage is for those who are flying. If flying, bags with the pull handle and wheels are ideal for kids. They can be responsible for their own luggage without you having to worry about how heavy it is and whether it might hurt their back.

More Travel Tips for Packing Luggage

However keep in mind the number of bags and the number of children you are responsible for. The last thing you want is to get caught out trying to carry young children and too many bags prior to check in at the airport.

Also with young babies, do they even have a luggage allowance?

This is one that can catch you unaware. Babies require you to bring so many other items you’d ordinarily not need to think about. However if you have not purchased a seat and they have travelled on your lap, chances are the airline have not given you a luggage allowance either.

Does this allow you enough luggage allowance to pack for yourself too?

Most airlines will allow you to purchase additional luggage space if required. However in most circumstances you will need to think about this at the time of booking and not at the check-in counter. If you don't plan for this and you are over your limit, chances are you will be charged a fee. In most cases this can be excessive.

More travel tips for packing luggage are: prior to travel check out what the weather will be like at your destination. Don’t pack for all weather conditions, pack for what has been forecast with a couple of extra pieces of clothing to see you through any unexpected weather conditions.

If you are travelling by car you will only be limited with luggage by the amount of space you have. In this instance, suitcases are not so suitable! Bag’s are a bit more flexible in confined spaces.

If space is an issue, try rolling clothes, this can reduce the space needed and it is idea for keeping clothes tidy, especially items such as shirts that may have been ironed.

You could also try vacuum packing some types of clothing. There are specially made bags that seal and you use a vacuum cleaner to remove air.  Just be sure you'll have access to a vacuum to pack for your return.

HOT TRAVEL TIP FOR PACKING LUGGAGE: Whichever option you choose when purchasing and packing your luggage, remember if you are planning on going shopping at your destination, you'll need to allow some room for your new belongings on the way home too. So try not to start off with a full bag of luggage!

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