Traveling with Baby
Travel Tips for New Parents

Traveling with baby or not to travel that is the question?

Having just had a baby the idea of going on a holiday or traveling to visit family or friends might seem out of the question. But in fact this is an ideal time to go.

It is a great opportunity to get your baby adapted to the concept of travel from an early age, and as long as you take some consideration into their sleeping and feeding routines, there is no reason why it can’t be an enjoyable experience for mum, dad and the baby.

Probably the most important thing you can do when planning on traveling with baby is prepare a baby travel checklist. Our checklist is just the thing to save you time - be sure to use it on your next trip.

The most overwhelming part for any new mum or dad is the amount of baby gear that is required anytime baby travels, even for short trips.

It can seem so over the top especially if you are going away for a night or a weekend. But regardless of how long your trip will be, as long as you have the right baby travel gear, the trip should run smoothly.

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More Traveling with Baby Tips

Check out our article on Road Trips with Baby for specific advice related to car travel.

Remember to pack things that are familiar to your baby, like their favourite blanket or wrap, or their favorite rattle or music. Anything along these lines will act as a soother when they are feeling uptight about being away from their usual surroundings. Things we may not immediately notice, like drafts, temperature changes, and the noise level, can all affect your sensitive little one.

You may want to consider minimizing the number of things you need to pack by using a company that supplies baby equipment rentals.

Toys can also take up a lot of your packing space. Buy toys that are going to enhance your experience. Check out our tips on Baby Travel Toys before deciding what to pack or what to buy before your next vacation.

If you are visiting family or friends, let them get involved and help you on the journey, that way you can relax a little more, and chances are they have been counting down the time to your arrival, just to give your precious cargo a big kiss and cuddle.

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