Vacations in the US

Ideas for your next Family Vacation in America

There is so much to choose from when considering vacations in the US.

There are the popular ski resorts or at the opposite end of the scale fantastic beaches to visit.  The US is also known for its quality theme parks, such as world famous Disney Land, Disney World, and Six Flags, just to name a few.

With so much to choose from where should your family go?

Because America is such a huge place, it is a good idea to study each area and get a good understanding of the distances between the places you want to see.

Nothing will spoil a vacation like spending more time driving from place to place than you spend having fun!

So get out the maps and know what you're getting into before you go. Until then, consider these awesome destinations.

Destinations for Vacations in the US

These are some of our picks for places to visit in the US and what they have to offer.

Austin, Texas

Austin Texas is the capital city of the great big state of Texas.  I think of Texas as the cowboy state. 

One of the lesser known FREE things to do in Austin is to watch the bats come out at dusk near the Capital building.

I did this while there on a business trip years ago, and it was amazing! Thousands of bats fly out from under the bridge for their daily hunting excursion, and it is a sight to see!

North Carolina Beaches

family playing on a beach

In North Carolina there is so much to see and do on the coast, be sure to consider this beautiful and historic state for your US visit.

The beaches are beautiful, with long stretches of sand, fishing piers that reach out over the water, and quaint little beachy towns with laid back things to do.

Walk the beach, catch some healthy sunshine, eat ice cream or icy treats, just relax and enjoy the sounds of the ocean.

Rent a beach house to really do it right!  That way you can walk out your back door to the sandy shore whenever the notion strikes, no shirt, shoes or car needed.

Visit the Outer Banks, Carolina Beach, or Oak Island for a peaceful vacation. 

If you want more night-life, check out Myrtle Beach just next door in South Carolina.

Southern Utah

Wondering where to travel to? Why not Utah? There are hundreds of ways to enjoy this beautiful state.  The land and scenery in Utah are breathtaking, with its rock formations and canyons. Mountain biking and hiking are popular in this area.

For more ideas see Southern Utah Vacations

And if someone in your family is into genealogy, Utah is the home of the largest Family History library in the world, operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Florida Sunshine

Sunny Florida Ideas

Florida has so much to offer for family travel!  It is one of the most popular destinations for vacations in the US, without a doubt.

Beaches, massive theme parks, water sports like SCUBA diving and fishing on two coasts, and of course, the NASA space center at Cape Canaveral... not to mention the sea ports for cruises.

For more details, check out these topics:

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Fort Lauderdale (Beach)

Universal Studios Orlando Fl

When visiting the Florida theme parks there are a variety of Orlando Hotels conveniently located both on and off-site, providing a multitude of options for families to choose from.

Also available in Florida and most other U.S. vacation destinations, timeshare rentals can be a nice alternative to staying in a hotel room, especially when traveling with a family. Timeshare resorts provide much more spacious accommodations, many of which feature separate bedrooms, living and dining rooms, so you can spread out, relax and enjoy your time together.

More Destination Ideas

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Baton Rouge - Louisiana

New York City - For Kids

Oahu Island - Hawaii


If you'd like to share your favorite vacation destination or travel experience, why not tell us about if via our 'YOUR Stories' page. You can also read what other families did on their family travel vacations.  Be sure to check it out for ideas.


We will continue to add to our recommendations and information about key vacation destinations in the US, specifically suited for traveling with kids. 

If there's a place you want to know more about for planning your future vacations in the US, contact me to suggest a new topic.

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