Vacations in the US

Ideas for your next Family Vacation in America

There is so much to choose from when considering vacations in the US.

There are the popular ski resorts or at the opposite end of the scale fantastic beaches to visit. And furthermore the US is known for its quality theme parks, with so much to choose from where should your family go?

We will attempt to pick and choose some popular vacation options in the US for your family to consider.

This page is constantly a work in progress, so please come back and visit as we continue to add to our recommendations and information about key vacation destinations in the US, specifically suited for traveling with kids.

Check Out Our Suggestions Below:

Austin Texas

Aquatica Water Park

Baton Rouge - Louisiana

Florida - Free Family Fun

Florida Keys Dolphin Research Center

Fort Lauderdale (Beach)

New York City - For Kids

Oahu Island - Hawaii


Universal Studios Orlando Fl

When visiting the theme park there are a variety of Orlando Hotels conveniently located both on and off-site, providing a multitude of options for families to choose from.

Also available in Florida and most other U.S. vacation destinations, timeshare rentals can be a nice alternative to staying in a hotel room, especially when traveling with a family. Timeshare resorts provide much more spacious accommodations, many of which feature separate bedrooms, living and dining rooms, so you can spread out, relax and enjoy your time together.

If you’d like to share your favorite vacation destination, why not tell us about if via our ‘YOUR Stories’ page.

By completing the quick form you will be building your very own page on our website. We welcome parents and children alike to share their vacation experiences.

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